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Accessories are those items in descent that aren't exactly weapons, but you certainly couldn't get along without them.
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The shield is, in a way, much more important than any other accessory or weapon. As long as you have shields, you have life. As soon as your number of shields becomes zero, you are vulnerable to being damaged enough to blow up by anything, including bumping into walls! Of course, the more shields you have, the safer you are as all weapons are capable of taking more shields down than 1 at a time, and, of course, some are capable of taking MANY more shields than others (such as 50 at a time).  Your maximum is 200 shields. I don't like to let mine fall under 100, and when I'm more particular, I try to keep them at about 190 at all times.
The other most important accessory is energy. Most of your primary weapons (see the weapons page for details on this) use energy to fire. If you have no energy, you cannot use any of the following weapons: laser (any level), spread, plasma, or fusion. Energy can be collected in packs like the one on the left, or (if you are below 100) you can get it from an area golden sparkling walls. There is probably a picture of one on the screenshots page.
The final accessory is vulcan ammo. You need this to fire you vulcan cannon. Without this ammo, you're vulcan cannon is rendered useless.
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