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Descent I
The demos are in zip files with one per zip. You can simply click on one of the links below to download one of them. To view them, you must have the full version of Descent. (You can try it on the demo, but I doubt they'll work). Also, some of them are from levels outside of the regular Descent level set, so if you don't have these, you may have some troubles running some of the demos. Here are the demos and their descriptions:

level1.dem - This gives you an idea of where you can start in Descent. This is a quick demo of level 1 on the easiest level of play.

level1h.dem - This is a little more exciting. It also takes place on Leve 1 but shows what you'll get if you start at a Hotshot level (the third level of difficulty).

level1i.dem - Alright, you've asked for it: the robots are real mad, real fast, and real cunning. You thought you could not die on level 1? Well, the Insane level of difficulty (the most difficult) takes you to a new level of what insanity means. You'll never think of the little golden bots as an easy kill again...
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