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Descent I
Introduction to Descent
      Descent is a very basic game about a mining co. who's robots have a viral infection. Your goal is to destroy as many robots as possible and also destory the main reactor (see picture to the right...the object shooting red energy balls [for lack of a better name] is the reactor).
      Beware, however, that once you have blown up the reactor, you must get out of the mine you are in by using the exit (picture to the left). If you don't make it within a certain time period (usually about 30 seconds), you die and lose one of your
lives along with all your accessories (if you had 200 shields and 200 energy, you still go into the next level with only 100 of each) and weapons. You still go on to the next level, but your low amount of weapons can be a hinderance. 
    There are 27 levels in total. In two of these, you will face a boss robot instead of a reactor. There are also 3 secret levels that can be found...you just have to look around :-)
      The Descent series went on to Descent II, III, IV, and Freespace. There are probably more Descent games that I don't even know about.
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