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Screenshots can be taken at any time during a game. You can take them by simply pressing the "Print Screen" button (which is right above insert, home, and page up). Depending on your programs, you may have to immediately pause the game and paste it into paint or another photo program. Here are some of my screenshots from the original Descent:
You can probably guess that this is the famous Level 7 Boss Bot. He won this time...perhaps not the next...
Either on level nine or eight (can't remember which one) and a network game too, I snuck up on these bots invisible...they still don't know I am right behind them!
This is the same level as the last one, but I don't know if it is level eight or nine. I think I am leaning more towards it being level nine, but I'm not sure. Let me know if you know.
Don't you wish you could pick up more than one cloaking device and keep it for when you need it??? I hate to see them go to waste!
This would be on Level 10. I think some of the hulks that shoot homing missles got a hold of me, perhaps some of the plasma shooting bots too...oops...I'll have to find more shields.
Back to Level 7 to challenge the boss...hmph! He got the best of me again...till next time I suppose!
If you have any Descent screenshots, feel free to submit them to my page by emailing them to me at sjones@systronix.net. Also, if you think that I have one of your screenshots that you don't want up, give me an email.
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