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    Shields may be your life, but the weapons are your defence to keep your shields. There are basically two catagories of weapons: weapons which require energy and weapons that do.
     Most of the primary weapons require energy. Those which require energy, however, are there to keep, unless you die, even when your energy runs out. They are rendered useless when you have no energy, but once you gain energy again, the weapons are still there for you to use. 
     A few weapons which do not require energy are in the primary weapons catagory, but most are in the secondary weapons catagory. The non-energy weapons in the primary selection require ammo packs. The cannon itself you always have (unless you die), but it is useless when you run out ammo. You can collect ammo like anything else (such as missles, energy, etc.). The secondary weapons are all non-energy users. These you collect usually 1 or 4 at a time, and you use one whenever you fire them. Now here's the list...
* = Primary Weapon
# = Secondary Weapon

(E) = Energy using weapon
Laser Cannon* (E)
  At the beginning of every game or after you've died, you are given a laser cannon. This fires red straight laser and is known as laser level 1. You can pick up 3 more of these, each time upgrading the laser until it is laser level 4 (a green laser). Once you have level 4 laser, any other laser cannons you pick up are converted into energy.
Vulcan Cannon*
  Vulcan is a very rapid fire cannon that can be used to get the better of quick enemies. The only downfall to this weapon is that it uses lots of vulcan ammo up very quickly. Once you are out of ammo, this weapon can no longer be used until you find more vulcan ammo for it. You are automatically given a designated ammount of ammo when you pick up the cannon, and if you pick up a cannon when you already have one, it is converted into ammo.
Vulcan Ammo (*)
    This is essential for the Vulcan Cannon. Without ammo, the cannon can not be used.
Spread* (E)
    This weapon fires 3 seperate blue fire-like balls. It is a great weapon for combat with a bunch of enemies at once as the fire will spread out (hence the name) and you can hit more than one enemy if you aim right. If you have this cannon already and you pick up another, it will be converted into energy.
Plasma* (E)
    This is a very rapid fire cannon, and it doesn't use that much energy for how much it shoots. The "green blob", to the lower right, is wot it shoots.Once again, if you pick up another plasma cannon after you have one already, it is converted into energy.
Fusion* (E)
    This cannon fires really slowly and takes a lot of energy. Although it can bring the shields of an enemy down by great amounts, I woudn't suggest using it much. Once again, if you have this cannon already and you pick another up, it will become energy.
Concussion Missles#
    At the beginning of the game, you automatically receive 6 of these. They are a basic missle that can take shields down off enemies when you are firing from distances. Be careful not to let these hit too close to you because they will hurt you as well as your enemy. You can collect up to 20 of these missles. After you have reached 20, you must use some before you can collect anymore.
Homing Missles#
    This missle has slightly more power to knock off shields than a concussion missle plus an added bonus...it homes in on your enemies! Of course, you can't point it just anywhere and expect it to find some enemy in the mine; you have to point it relatively in the direction of the robot. The bonus of this is that you don't have to aim quite as well, and if the enemy moves, the missles moves with it. You can only pick ten of these up at a time.
Note that concussion and homing missles can be picked up in four packs.
Smart Missles#
    This missle is deadly; use it wisely. It has no homing power on its own, but if it misses the enemy you are aiming at, it will disperse tiny homing plasma that will knock your enemy(ies) down badly.
Mega #
    This is the deadliest missle (and, in a way, the deadliest weapon) of them all. Use with extreme percaution. If you fire this thing off too close, you'll get it as bad, or nearly as bad, as your enemy(ies)! I would use this only for bosses, or in situations where there are many robots grouped together a ways down a passage. It does have slight homing properties.
    That's all the weapons (I hope!), but procede with precaution...some of your enemies carry these too!
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