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Garden of Jade Rock Fortress
  You walk though a small gatehouse overhung with ivy turned hard with frost. A fawn colored female hare hops up to you and says....
    "Welcome to the Garden of Jade Rock Fortress! I am Jadelicia the hare dontcha know, wot! You are welcome here. It is a place where you can relax." She points to the south of the garden where a great fortress of deep green rock is standing and continues, "And if you wish for a place sleep and stay, you are welcome to come to the actual ole
Jade Rock Fortress, dontcha know. I suppose you've already met my good friend Monevia, the squirrel, at the main gatehouse. She'll tell you where to go if you want to stay."
    With a wink, Jadelicia bounds down the path calling over her shoulder, "Tarmin, the badger, will be here to give you a tour....he's as familier with the gardens, dontcha know, and won't travel too fast for a chap like yourself, wot!"
    With that she disappears around the corner. You notice a bench nearby, also rapped in frozen ivy like the garden and main gatehouses, and you sit down on it. It is amazingly comfortable and that journey of yours is now paying off with weariness and exaustion. Pretty soon you find yourself dozing off.........zzzzzzzzz .....zzzz ....zzz......

     "Hello there??? Wake up!"
     The gruff voice startles you awake. And you look up to see a silver striped badger towering over you.
     "Hello," he says again, a hint of humour in his voice, "Well, well, how do you do? I am Tarmin, the badger." He embraces your paw in his and now you feel much smaller. "Jadelicia has sent me to guide you through the garden."
     You follow the badger around a corner where you come to a fork in the path.
     "If you would like to continue being guided through the garden, we'll take the right path, if you wish to go straight to Jade Rock Fortress I'll lead you down the left path. Where do you want to go?"
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