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Character Name: Johnny the Mole
Species/Creature: Mole
Gender: Male
Known Family Members: Johnny's grandmother (Eslina) died not long ago at all, during the Autumn of the Sun-bathed Hills. She was of a good old age and since both of Johnny's parents had died of dryditch fever when he was barely two seasons old, Eslina and Johnny became very close. When Eslina died, Johnny had a hard time getting over it. Now, three seasons later, he still grieves. He had a younger brother by the name of Silvern. Silvern died of dryditch fever before he was a season old. Johnny knows nothing of his grandfather or any other relatives.
History: When Johnny was little more than two seasons old, his family was struck with dryditch fever. The first to die was his younger brother Silvern. His father, Morios, died soon afterward. Eslina, his grandmother who lived nearby, went east from where they lived to Redwall. The beasts Redwall, since the time of Samkim and Arula, have kept a good stock of Flowers of Icetor, and Eslina brought some back to her family, or the family she had left. Her daughter, Johnny's mother, Lanurta, couldn't be saved and died two days after Eslina's return, but Johnny lived. Eslina took Johnny and traveled east away from their home because the memories of the place were to hard to vear, and she and Johnny came upon Jade Rock Fortress. There they have lived together in peace with the other creatures until Eslina died in the autumn of the Sun-bathed Hills. Johnny then, along iwht Debim the Mouse, Rosefall, the Hare, and Chestnut the Squirrel, found his place of birth dna laid Eslina to rest there. The four companions then traveled back to Jaderock. Ever since then Johnny has become the Main Record Keeper as a means of keeping busy.
Short Description: In spite of grieving for his grandmother (Eslina) he is by no means bitter. He's a quiet sort of fellow, but friendly all the same. His dark eyes have a slight hint of blue in them in certain lights, and a patch of fur on his lower back seems to be a dark shade of blue.

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Jade Rock Fortress
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Character Name: Jadelicia the Hare
Species/Creature: Hare
Gender: Female
Known Family Members: (none)
: Her history is pretty much unknown. She was found in a small ditch outside of Jade Rock Fortress in a hand-woven basket as a babe by Clesna and was raised by the badger as well. After Clesna died, Jadelicia became the leader of Jade Rock.
Short Description
: She's fawn-coloured with a small patch of grey on her left ear tip and a smal patch of white on her right ear tip. A small black slotch of fur is on her back. Like most hares, she's quite ireepressible. Though she loves food, she doesn't really scoff...except when there's sugar around. "Then she's the ringleader!"

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Character Name: Kirin FrostRose
Species/Creature: Weasel
Gender: Female
Known Family Members: One brother named Icepaw FrostRose who remained in the FrostRose Horde, taking the position of horde master. They no longer recognize each toerh as sibling and are each ashamed of the other.
History: (not submitted)
Short Description: Kirrin FrostRose is somewhat short and tawny brown. Her eyes are cold amber and don't look the least bit trustworthy. However, she is skilled in the ways of healing. She prefers healing to killing wether it be a rat or a mole. She stays on the neautral ground. Neither a good beast nor a vermin.

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Character Name: Kaleta the Shrew (Cah-lee-tah)
Species/Creature: Shrew
Gender: Female
Known Family Members: She only know of her twin sister Caleta (Cay-let-tah).
History: Kaleta and her sister only remember being oarslaves aboard a searat ship which sunk. However, as the ship sunk, it broke into pieces. The stapes which held the twins' chains broke and they were tossed into the sea. Being chained to the oar saved their lives because it kept them afloat. They were washed up by Jadestream where Goldwater found them and brought them to Jade Rock Fortress.
Short Description: Kaleta looks exactly the same as her twin. She has dark chestnut fur with piercing green-blue eyes. Unlike her shy sister, she loves the outdoors and is very fond of the young ones of Jade Rock. She often takes them for graden walks to relieve the elders who usually take charge to care for them.

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