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The Ivy Garden
"The Ivy Garden," Tarmin sighs, "I think it's my favourite! It's so beautiful in summer." You look in front of you and see a golden gate, intricately designed, with a snow covering here and there. The peacefulness beyond the gate seems so delicate that you almost don't dare to speak or even dream of opening the gates.
But, even as you think the peace behind the gates is so delicate, Tarmin opens them and you walk into a beautiful setting. Small and large snow covered trees dot the open ground while small bushes other plants are all around the trees. Between this, you can see snow drifts on the ground. The only place where there is hardly any snow is a rock and dirt packed path  However, before you notice anything more, you see a small brook to the left your footpaws. Tramin notices you staring at it and says, "Ah, yes. That's Jade Brook. If follow it, it would eventually lead to Jade Stream. It runs into Jade Stream just to the left, that is south, of a bridge, which crosses over to Jade Isle. The Ivy Garden actually covers the entire island. The pathway," he points to a path which winds around and dissapears, "also leads to the bridge, but is slightly shorter. Even so, it's a good half-day's trek just to the bridge, so we won't go there today. Perhaps if you stay at Jade Rock, you can take a day to visit the Isle. In the summer it's very beautiful. It is very mysterious. When Clesna first founded Jade Rock, she found the island a beautiful garden, full of pathways. There was no evidence that anyone had ever tended to it; however, it still seemed to grow in garden formation. Not a plant grows out of place, and the paths are never overgrown. She and the other founders of Jade Rock built a bridge across Jade Stream and continued the garden on the mainland. The most mysterious thing is that we have to tend to this garden, yet not the one on the island."
You walk down the pathway for a while. A bird sounds every now and then. There are many other brooks besides the Jade Brook, but most of them are smaller. One in particular leads to a tiny rock pool completely frozen over.
"Since the tour is over, we'll go back now."
You continue down the path with Tarmin. The sites are beautiful. Frozen pools and trickling brooks with frozen edges. There are benches all along the path, and small side paths. You think of how someone who didn't know the place well could easily get lost. Tarmin comes to a swamp at the side of the path.
It looks so cold and mysterious. It sends a shiver down your spine. Tarmin, obviously reading your thoughts says, "This is where I usually stop the tour. I don't like the swamp lands. They go on for a while along this path."