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The Duty of the Skylark
When the first rays of sunlight
Creep o'er the sky each day,
The skylarks up to welcome it,
With his melody he'll say:
"Rise up, good creatures of the earth,
To greet this lovely morn."
I've yet to hear a sweeter song,
For not since I was born
Was there a bird with so much passion
For his worldly task;
You're sure he isn't self-absorbed,
And so, amazed, you ask:
Sir, Lark, pray why do you seem to
immerse as such
in song?"
He replies "Well, my friend,
I love it very much."
So this small minstrel flies around
The sunkissed field and lawn,
A bard on wings, he sweetly sings
The praises of dawn.
Onward he goes, he never knows
of trouble, pain, or strife,
For this bird has the joyous task
Of celebrating life.
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