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Jade Rock Fortress
  Your paws are weak from the long hot journey you've taken, and you are relieved to see a great green stoned fortress up ahead. You approach the main gatehouse of the fortress and notice ivy all around it. Upon reaching the gatehouse, you knock on the great dark wooden door and look about for someone to meet you. Just as your thinking that the place must be deserted, a young fawn-coloured female hare opens the right door and grins at you.
    "Hullo chap! You look awful hot and tired standing outside the door, wot! Come inside. I am Jadelicia the Hare, doncha know!!! I'm please to make your aquaintance!"
    She beckons you with a curved paw inside and you follow. Inside many creatures are about. A squirrel jumps down from a nearby tree in front of you and Jadelicia.
     "Hullo, Monevia!" Jadelicia brightly greets the red squirrel. Jadelicia turns to you, "This is my good friend Monevia, the squirrel. Before you go in any farther, you must meet our gatehouse keeper, Slickgreen."
     Jadelicia leads you, with Monevia following close behind, to a small door on the side of the gates and knocks. A raspy, almost snake-like voice answers, "Come in!" Your mouth drops open as Jadelicia opens the door to reveal a newt sitting at the table. As if reading your mind Jadelicia says, "We welcome all kinds of creatures here, wether vermin or other. We are allies of Redwall which lies slightly North East of us. Any creature, as long as they agree to guard our lands and those around us and keep them in peace, is alowed to join our community." Introductions are made and then you are lead out of the gatehouse.
    "There are many other places we can go here," Jadelicia says, "where would you like to go?"
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"Thankyou for coming, if you wish to stay for a little while, we have many extra rooms. Please join if you have time. Oh, and if you do decide to leave, please sign the guestbook at the gatehouse before you go. Thankyou!"
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