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The Kitchens...
  You enter a busy and large room. The noise of bustling paws and pots are all around you. The place is filled with steam and you can smell something wonderful cooking.
   "Hello!" a voice calls cheerfully from behind you. You turn around to see a cheery looking, grey, female mouse. Her apron is slightly raggish and it full of stains from previous cooking "disasters". She continues,"I'm Elana, head of the Kitchens, although I have some volunteer helpers today...some not wanted." She suddenly turns sideways towards a brown and black hare. "Rosefall! Get those paws away from those candied chestnuts this instant, or I'll chop your paws off along with your tail into this 'ere soup!!!!!"
   "Wot! I was only testin' the bally things to make sure the cooks put the right ammount of flippin' sugar in. They're quite jolly good!"
   A swipe from Elena's laddle sends Rosefall out of the kitchens in an instant, muttering away.
   "Oooooh.....those hares!!! I could get soooooo mad at them!" Elena says with a slightest hint of annoyance, half to you, but mostly to herself.
   "Jadelicia's not that bad," a nearby mouse pipes up
   "Well...Jadelicia's not quite as bad as the rest of 'em I suppose," Elena replies, "but when there's sugar about she's the ringleader! Ah, well, such is seasons..." She goes back to work as if she's forgotten about you. Then a few minutes later, she turns round to see you still there. "Oh, how could I forget? I have a guest in the kitchen. Dear me! These seasons are weighing down on me; I'm becoming as forgetful as the wind! Anyways, while your here, you might want to have a peek at the
recipe book...there's some really good stuff in there!!!
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