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The Member's Corner
   You walk into a green and blue tinged room with many furnishings. As you gaze around at all the comfy chairs inviting you to sit down for awhile, a paw taps you on the shoulder. You turn around to find a greyish colored otter standing behind you.
    "Hello, mate! I'm Summer the Otter!" she says a wide spread grin abroad her face. "Welcome to the Member's Corner! Although, most of us, members, call it the Member's Lounge...I suppose you can guess why with all those chairs and such. Well, do sit down, matey. There's the reading/library corner over yonder. You'll find plenty of poems and stories to read. There's also the voting tables where you can vote on little fun things. Oh, and just over there, is the main part of the lounge. It's where you can have a little tea and a chat and such over some games. Go ahead and go where you'd like to go:
Library Corner - Poems and Stories by members
Poll Corner - Vote on some fun little things...
Main Corner - Play some games and have a little chat over a cup of tea.
If you have ANY questions, comments, or suggestions, please email me!!
Also, I would especially like suggestions for different corners. Thanks.
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