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Pass ALong Stories
   For those of you who don't know how PALS (Pass Along Stories) work, it's basicially a story which a number of people write. For mine, I usually make it so that one person can write about "a chapter" at a time - enough to get your idea out. For these PALS, I am making it Furry Stories only (Redwall related only). The stories should be based upon Jade Rock Fortress. You may use the posted characters and members in your stories, however, please keep in mind the personalities of the characters. Let's not have something like a bird who is petrified of water all of the sudden start swimming in it or something to that extent. Stay to the characters. Non-members CAN participate, so please do.
    You can write beginnings, so if you write one, please send it in to
sjones@systronix.net and I will post it. You may send in endings, but please make sure you've waited until at least seven parts have been written. I want a story with some content, not just a couple paragraphs and then an ending. Also, I'll let you know that I basically will put anything up (as long as it's appropriate, no cussing, immorals, or such) in the way of beginnings and middle parts, but for endings I am a little more picky. It has to satisfy the reader and resolve the story completely. So, I'd be a little wary of sending in endings. If I don't like it (which is rare), I usually just tell you and sent it back to you. Oh, and once a PALS is complete I put it up in the Member Corner Library.

If you wish to write non-Redwall-related PALS,
click here.

I'll stop blabbin' now and let you get writing............
Here are the PALS that have
been written so far:

Kralk and Shilu
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