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Kralk and Shilu
Kralk's Accents:

In the following story, Kralk's accents may be quite difficult to understand, so I've prepared a quick key so that you can interperet them.

~> "L" is pronounced in his speech as "sz" (ex: Shilu = Shiszu)
~> "V" is pronounced as "f" (event = efent)
~> Anyword ending with "U" has a "Z" added except names. ( ex: you = youz)
~> "S" is pronouced "sz" (ex: Sand = Szant)
~> Anyword ending with a short or silent "e" has a "T" added (ex: were = weret)
~> "Ed" always is pronounced as "et" (hated = hatet)
~> "D" is always pronounced as a "T"
~> A "Y" that has a long "E" sound at the end of a word is always pronounced "eez" (ex: ready = reateez)
~> A "Y" that has a long "I" sound at the end of a word is left the same.
~> "Ay" that sounds like a long a is always pronounced (even if it isn't at the end of a word) "Ey" (ex: day = dey; daylight = deyszight)
~> Every "W" is pronounced as a "V" (ex: warn = varn)
~> "ing" is pronounced "inz", "ong" is "onz", "ang" is anz", etc. (ex: going = goinz)
~> "is" at the end of a word is pronounced "ez" (ex: is = ez; this = tzez)
~> Long "e" at the end of a word is "eez" (ex: see = seez)
~> "St" is pronounced as "zt"
~> "th" is "tz" (ex: the = tzet)
~> "wh" is "v" (ex: white = vitet)
~> There is no "Ph" - only "F" (phone = fonet)

I've probably made a couple of mistakes, so don't worry if you continue this PALS and miss lots with the accents. If you want I can rewrite Kralk's speech for you, so you can just send the PAL in with plain English. One other note: If your wondering why Kralk has a name she, herself, can't even pronounce, it's because as a young woodpecker, she was adopted by a family of owls who named her after the young one they had which had died. They didn't know, however, that Kralk would actually pronounce her name "Kraszk".
Kralk and Shilu


Chapter 1

   Kralk, the lewis woodpecker, fluttered about the treetops of an old sycanmore. IN spite of her size, being a smaller woodpecker of her kind, she was known to be very fierce at needed times. After she was satifisfied with the looks of the Southwestern Sea and the brilliant sunset, she swopped down to a large hole in the sycamore. She was a very solitary bird, though she had a few friends in the quiet wood which she lived in, including a rock dove by the name of Shilu.
    The next morning, Kralk woke up to the sound of a fast rapping near her doorway. She opened her eyes and squinted towards the direction of the sound. There stood Shilu.
    "Shiszu!" Kralk exclaimed, "Youz weret nefer a earszeez vaker. Vat youz doinz heret at thez timet ofa dey?"
    "Kralk! I am sorry to interrupt thy slumber!" Shilu replied. "I have terrible news for thee. Come to thy sycamore tops and thou shalt behold it!"
    Quickly Kralk got up and accompanied sHilu to the top of the sycamore. The sight that met their eyes was a terrible one. There was, in the Southeaster Sae, a great number of ships, a score and a half, all aliden with creatures. Kralk saw with her sharp eyes that they were vermin.
     "Comet, Shiszu!" Kralk instructed urgently. "Veez muzt varn otzer creaturesz ofa tzez."
     "Yes! I hadst thought of it! We shall go to Jade Rock. They have sympathy for all creatures as well as birds and an army too. Art thou in agreeance?"
     "Yesz, yesz. Veez muzt to szo. Veez shasz varn otzer creaturesz alonz tzez vey. Szet usz beez offa at vonze!"
     The two quickly packed the necessities and provisions of the trip and were off to warn all they could on their way to Jade Rock Fortress.

Chapter 2 is up for reservation. If you want to write chapter 2, email me at sjones@systronix.net. Thanks!