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Convention     APRIL 7-9, 2006     72 hrs.
The Cal-Nev-Ha KIWIN'S District Convention is a three day event that is usually held in Southern California. Its main purpose is to recognize, through awards, each clubs annual achievement. Cherring is a major component of Convention. Before every general session, while the clubs are anxiously waiting to enter the meeting area, clubs have these "cheer-offs"(chant cheers back and forth). Of course you want to be the loudest, you want to be heard, you WANT to be known! When you arrive friday evening, you register, and get your bracelets. You attend the "First General Session" (the very first meeting with 600 other KIWIN'S). During the day on saturday its all about workshops, but come nightfall then its all about the dance! On Sunday you say your goodbyes after the last general session. During Convention, we also vote for the next year's district officers. Thats basically convention in a nutshell but you just HAVE to be there to actually know what its like. Convention is the event of the year!!!  

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