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Creek Clean-Up     April 21, 2006     4 hrs.
Baxter Creek used to be a creek filled with  trash. In the creek, we found  a shopping cart and even a refrigerator. But thabks to the Richmond High School KIWIN'S club and other city organizatioins, ,the creek is now spotless. The KIWIN'S club arrived first at the Richmond Police Activities League (PAL) building  to gather pickers, trash bags, and food for the BBQ later on. As we arrived to the park where the creek was located, there were already other community organizations present. We started to walk around and observe the area,  then divided ourselves into two groups, each group starting on either side of the creek,  working tpwasrds the other end. It was disgusting but also very fun at the same time. We worked for a couple of hours and enjoyed BBQ chicken and hot dogs. It was a job well-done and we were all very happy.

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