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Welcome to the "About" page, here you will find information about KIWIN'S. Hopefully all and any question you have concerning KIWIN'S will be answered. Questions concerning special projects, Key Club International, the history of KIWIN'S, and even some district cheers are included in the drop-down menu above, so click away and have a fun KIWIN'S-learning experience. 

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What is KIWIN'S?
What are the KIWIN'S Divisions?
What is Key Club International?
What is The Key Club International Major Emphasis?
Why is KIWIN'S spelled with all caps and an apostrophe S?
What is the KIWIN'S District Project?
What is The Governors Project?
What is the History of KIWIN'S?
What is the KIWIN'S Minor Emphasis?
What are the objectives of Key Club International?
What is the KIWIN'S Motto?
How Is KIWIN'S Organized?
What are the KIWIN'S District cheers?
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