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Car Wash 2     SEPTEMBER 2, 2006      5 hrs.
This Car Wash, the second one we had this year was on September 2, 2006. The reason for  this Car Wash was to  fundraise of couse. But what did we need the money for you ask? Well  we needed money to pay off a debt he had to the school. Last year we put in a proposal for a certain amount of money from the School Site Council, but there were some complications with a couple of things so we were not able to get the money through the School Site Council. What we had to do, in order to pay for Convention, was to borrow some money from the school, through another grant or something. What we hope to do with the proceeds from this Car Wash and through other fundraisers was to raise enough money to pay off that debt to the school so that we could officially begin fundraising twoards our Convention next year in beautiful Woodland Hills.