David Bowie-Bio
David Robert Jones was born in Brixton, England 1947. 
At age of 15  he begins taking saxophone class,  
playing with  bands the Kon-Rads, King Bees, and Mannish Lower third. 
In 1966 he changes his name to   David Bowie, 
    because didn't want to be confused with Davy Jones(Monkees). 
After years playing blues and rock folk without success,  
debuts his first conceptual album 
      "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars"
The Song Space Oddity became his first big hit. 
      During the 70s he worked with John Lennon  and Brian Enno. 
He also revealed  to world Iggy Pop. 
Moving into the 1980's  Bowie performed with Tin Machine, before going back to his solo career in 1993. While performing music and winning world-wide acclaim, changing his image to move with the times has kept him on the forefront of the music world. 
                  Recently he shocked  the Press selling stocks of his futures works. 

  He has also produced   Lou Reed, Mott The Hople and others. 
Bowie has also taken his talents to film.  He  performed as an actor in the movies   Just a Gigolo, The Hunger,The Man Who Fell to Earth, and in Basquiat playing Andy Warhol with amazing 

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