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| Adam Quest |

Name: Adam Martin Quest
Age: 20
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Race: Nephilim
Eye Color: Dark Black
Hair Color: Brown and blond
Skin Color: Pale White
Ethnicity: German/Italian
Family: Quest-Josephs Family/ Lingvist Family
Occupation: Waiter/Mother

Weapons: Browning 9mm, silver dagger
Fighting Style: Doesn't really have one

Attitude: Calm and collected; incredibly soft and gentle, though stern when situations call for it; has a great amount of happiness inside though never shows it

Usual Style Of Dress: Tight black jeans, black and white Dickies shoes, white short-sleeved shirt and black vest; black and white armbands and red beaded rosaries about his neck; silver eyeshadow and black eyeliner with black mascara

Physical Description: Slender and tall, with long arms and legs; some muscles but mostly on his chest and abdomen; at times he has wonderful wings, white and incredibly magnificent; frail and feminine in build

Physical Attributes: Slender cheekbones; black eyes that are piercing; slender lips and a slightly pointed jaw

Medical: Lost a baby (twenty minutes after birth); very sickly looking
Significant Feature(s): Bullring piercing and an eyebrow piercing
Preference: Bisexual (currently Sven-sexual)
Status: In love
Gender: Male

Biography: Adam was born to Johnathan Quest and Dameon Josephs, a whore and a bounty hunter. He had a brother who died at birth with him, as well as more strength to him. Growing up he was always babied, his body frail and incredibly weak. Usually John would never put his son down. He would be awake most hours just to make sure Adam was alright.

Growing up he was sheltered most of his life, given over to being spoiled by his mother. In high school, he was popular only for his effeminate looks, getting one date after another. However, he never found any of the boys and girls appealing, leaving or kicking them out when things got too physical.

When he turned seventeen, his parents got him a job at the Black Rose Cafe, a little bar and restaurant that was a cover for their bounty hunting company. For several weeks he worked there without incident until Sven decided to come in.

Out of kindness, Adam had gone to return Sven's sunglasses, when he was kidnapped. Taken to Sven's mansion, Adam was raped and impregnated. He was returned to his family beaten and broken. Several months passed and as he grew in stomach size, he remained in bed, depressed and incredibly hopeless.

As a consolation, Sven sent Jebra, a green mamba that had been turned into a human, to assist Adam and take care of him. The baby Adam held had already been born, in which case Jebra named the baby Mhina, a South African word.

Time went on and as Jebra started to die, he was ordered to bring Adam and Mhina to Sven's mansion. There was a lot of hostility and unsure affections, including scuffels between Adam and Sven, before Adam finally accepted Sven, falling in love with him nearly instantly.

Mhina grew up and became more and more corrupted, due to his older half-brother, Roseate, being the person he spent most of the time around. Punishment was always what he was about, enjoying the horrible pain that was inflicted on him, no matter the severity. Adam didn't like this very much, so he took a small absence from the mansion to return home.

However he was not welcomed. Aiden and Caine, two of his brothers, scorned him and chased him away. To John is where he went next, only to discover that Dameon didn't want him around either. Returning to the mansion, depression consumed him and left him with no choice but to wait out his condition, which turned out to be pregnancy.

Towards the end of his pregnancy, Adam fell deathly ill and left the mansion to go to the hospital. Care was taken and he recovered. However, after the birth, whilst holding his baby, he could feel the life diminishing from the child until, twenty minutes after the baby's birth, it died. Adam was left devastated.

To care for his estranged and neglected brother, Alex, Adam's second oldest sibling, came to his aid at the mansion, caring for Adam whilst the younger Nephilim suffered. The love of his life cared not to see him, as it appeared, and Adam could do nothing to bring his baby back to life.

But someone else could...

This page created by John.

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