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| The Layout |

| Underdog Services, Inc...a very good place to work. Not! Just kidding, Dameon would kick my ass were he to be reading this right now. But, anyway, this is the layout of the damn place, explained how I wish it to be. ^.^ |

| Johnathan Arens Quest |

| Okay, this is the main room. It's pretty basic, and not really as shitty looking anymore. My son Aiden stole the camera, so I'm going to kick his ass and then show you the new place. Anyway, there's multiple couches, and a place to watch all the times and such. It's a small base, so don't ask me how we fit up to twenty people in it at one time...not even I know that one, and I'm the God damn hacker. >.< |

| This is the conference room, where no one goes unless the big boss comes out to play. Which is never. Fucking drow... But, it's got enough chairs for everyone to sit, I think. We've never really tried to fit everyone in this room. There's a screen made for the purpose of looking at programs and virtual maps, made, usually, by moi. It's also the room that Dameon and I love the most... XD *Purpose will not be classified. *shifty-eyed look* |

| This be my favorite room...yo... It's like my second home, with all the nifty little computers and screens and monitors...and the fact that I can see everything going on within a hundred foot radius of USI. It's so fun to watch the people panic when they get lost. :D |

| And last, but not least, the most favored room in the entire building, the bedroom! This is where Dameon and I spend most of our time. *wink wink* But that's not really the purpose of it. Everyone has their own places to live, this is just where you stay when you can't make it halfway out of the Main Room. It's just for the purpose of crashing if you're too tired to make it home and you don't have a ride. Though, no one else besides the members of USI can come in, so that kicks out any ideas that my sons had of bringing in stray females...or males... *another shifty-eyed look* |

| And that's pretty much the layout of USI. You can kiss my ass if I didn't mention the Armory. I'm a cool guy, so, just let me give you my email, and then maybe we can hook up later................not...assholes...pervs... |

| Johnathan Arens Quest |

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