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| Dameon Josephs |

Name: Dameon Josephs
Age: True age unknown (looks near his 30's)
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Race: Nephilim (half-angel and human)
Eye Color: Caramel Brown
Hair Color: Brown and blond
Skin Color: Pale
Ethnicity: German/Russian
Family: Mother and Father (deceased); Extensive immediate family
Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Weapons: Hi-Power Browning 9mm, Firestar 9mm, seven inche knives (2)
Fighting Style: Varies

Attitude: Cold and calculating, though emotional and rather caring for those that he loves

Usual Style Of Dress: Black slacks, black boots, black short-sleeved over black long-sleeve shirt, black waist coat and black trench coat over that; sometimes has black gloves

Physical Description: Tall and lanky, though has muscles in all the right places; cold demeanor, usually staying away from others; mostly average looking; long arms and legs, strong torso; sometimes has wings that can sprout out during random moments or at his will

Physical Attributes: Sharp features, strong jaw, piercing eyes and incredibly soft skin

Medical: Paranoia, permanently mutilated wings, history of other injuries Significant Feature(s): Scar traveling from his right brow, down the side of his face and neck, stopping just above his right pectoral muscle
Preference: Bisexual?
Status: Dating
Current Whereabouts: The Speratos-Quest-Josephs Family Home
Gender: Male

Biography: Dameon was born thousands of years ago, in the time of Adam and Eve. Over the years he was a corrupt creature, destroying anything and everything that ever came near enough to hurt him. God, feeling that Dameon was abusing the power that he had given him, decided that it was best to hide Dameon in a very human. Thus, under the order of God, the Devil struck Dameon with a curse that sealed away his true form and kept him as human as possible.

Years passed and Dameon blended into society finally, keeping a low profile and just hiding out most of the time. His bounty hunting abilities came in handy when he turned 17 in human years, joining up with a team of bounty hunters to strike down a very powerful family of witches called the Quest Family. They succeeded in killing off the family, though didn't know that the son, Johnathan, had survived the assault.

Years passed once more and Dameon's family of bounty hunters was attacked and slaughtered by a creature unlike any he had ever seen. A doppleganger had struck down his family, making him watch. Afterwards, the doppleganger enhanced the curse on Dameon, saying that his bad luck in finding love will increase until he finds the person that would stay with him no matter what happened. Thus, he released Dameon and left the Nephilim to fend for himself in society once more.

Underdog Services, Inc., a bounty hunting company, learned of Dameon's prowess later on in the years and they promptly hired him. The Nephilim worked under a man called 'The Boss'. None knew what he looked like, since he used computer monitors and television screens that were darkened to depict himself. It was here that Dameon met his first love, Johnathan.

The teenager had come in to work, having been arrested for illegal hacking and the stealing of government information. The choice was jail or working for USI under house arrest. John had chosen USI. Dameon didn't like the teenager and kept as far away from him as possible. But a few months passed and in that time Dameon had started to fall for the 17 year old bounty hunter. Eventually they eloped and fell in love.

The next day, after this event, Johnathan was killed by a man named Bastion Xensaphose, whom was also 'The Boss'. He slaughtered every member of USI except for Dameon and just left, cackling madly like the doppleganger that he was. Dameon, being upset, had held John close to him, apologizing for not telling him the truth sooner. Bastion had told John that Dameon was the one that had murdered his family. Dameon spoke the words 'I love you' to John, and the teenage human could only reply with 'I hate you'.

Thus, Dameon took out one of his knives and completely mutilated his wings, hoping that if they weren't beautiful and white, then John would come back to life and mend the broken heart of the Nephilim. But Dameon knew that it wouldn't work and just grieved. After several hours of holding John's lifeless corpse to him, Dameon went to the nearest lake, burying John's body down there...to prevent most decomposition of the flesh. He was going to find a way to bring him back to life.

But he needn't have worried. After meeting Skylar, the Nephilim had fallen for her and eventually they birthed a son. On a walk one day, through the forests near his and Skylar's home, Johnathan appeared to Dameon as a ghost, moving and haunting a place called The Ghost Waltz. An old burial ground in the woods. Dameon felt his broken heart, which had mended over time, start to crumble again at the sight of the ghost. He eventually learned that Skylar was all she was not cracked up to be. After the woman mutilated their son, Dameon left her to go into hiding, just to weep out the pain that he had held in for such a long time.

John had eventually come back, only to be turned into a Sephilim by Dameon, whom had felt that it was necessary to fix the pain that John felt. They got married, and carried on to have several kids...more than fifteen. USI eventually moved from California to New York, where it had been set up. Then a new enemy came into play...by the name of Ian Genovev...a bounty that had once been hunted long before USI had closed in California. Dameon and John suffered at the hands of the recluse...but in turn gained many more allies, including the hyena pack called the Bloodfangs. As well as the creatures known as Harry and Irwin.

Time went on and John and Dameon's relationship fell apart, bringing them to divorce and to seek out new lovers. Dameon went to Alabama, where he met Christian, a zombie from back in the 1800's. After falling for the zombie for the briefest of times, he eventually left to seek out John, where he met Cilriaco and immediately fell in love.

| The female version of Dameon. |

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