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| Johnathan Arens Quest |

Name: Johnathan Arens Quest
Age: 32
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 127lbs.
Race: Human
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Alabaster
Ethnicity: Italian/Russian

Family: Mother, Father, Twin sisters (deceased); Dameon (husband), 12 sons, Five grandsons, Riahna Verache (daughter - in - law), Evey Evans (son - in - law)

Occupation: Hacker/Bounty Hunter/Whore

Weapons: Modified Browning Hi-Power 9mm, Katana
Fighting Style: Own developed style

Attitude: Kind, sincere, very maternal, sometimes serious when things need to get done

Usual Style Of Dress: Always Gothic

Physical Description: Tall and lithe, with feminine curves; long legs, slender arms, well-built torso with muscles in all the right places; slender fingers and hands, with pale skin; nimble and agile, very dexterous

Physical Attributes: Black hair usually cut long near the front, on the left side, with the hair short on the right side; deep black eyes, with slender eyebrows and high cheekbones to accent them; thin mouth and a pointed jaw

Medical: Depressed

Significant Feature(s): Lip ring on the lower right hand part of his mouth; black wings for tattoos on his back, as well as tattoo sleeves

Preference: Bisexual
Status: In Love
Gender: Hermaphrodite

Brief Biography: John was born to two very loving parents, and had two wonderful twin sisters. But bounty hunters came one day, and slaughtered them. Johnathan barely escaped with his life. Going on in life, he had a lot of very unsuccessful relationships, which usually ended in the death of the other person. At the age of seventeen, he met Dameon Josephs, and became a part of USI. As the years went on, he grew to love the Nephilim more and more, and eventually married him. The family they created consists of twelve beautiful boys, several children-in-law, and lots of grandbabies.

This page created by John.

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