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| Mikal Colins - Ramirez |

Name: Mikal Colins - Ramirez
Age: 27
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 122lbs.
Race: Human [Werehyena]
Eye Color: Mottled silver-blue
Hair Color: Brownish blond (now dyed black)
Skin Color: Pale-tan
Ethnicity: Venezuelan
Family: Senor and Senora Colins
Occupation: Medical Surgeon

Weapons: Natural
Fighting Style: Natural

Attitude: Calm and calculating; always thinks things through before making decisions; nice and loving, but stern and harsh when he has to be

Usual Style Of Dress: Regal; suits that are tailored to fit; doesn't wear much of street clothes since he seems to live at his job

Physical Description: Tall and lanky; incredibly strong for his size, but has more then his fair share of battle scars; has long limbs and a well-toned body for his size (meaning not many muscles at all, but most in just the right places)

Physical Attributes: Pointed jaw and smooth skin; has eyes that can pierce into a soul (so to speak); possesses accented features and slender fingers

Medical: Lycanthrophy; pronounced a mute at birth
Significant Feature(s): Scar on his neck from numerous failed surgeries
Preference: Homosexual
Status: Married?
Gender: Male

Biography: (Will come later, when I feel up to typing it.)

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