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| Milan Evans - Josephs |

Name: Milan Johnathan Evans-Josephs
Age: Teenager
Weight: Very underweight
Height: 5'10"
Race: Something interesting
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Color: Pale white
Ethnicity: Latvarian, Italian, Russian

Family: Barcelona (one brother) Johnathan Arens-Quest (grandmother) Dameon Josephs (grandfather) Aiden Josephs (father) Evey Evans (mommy) And many uncles

Occupation: Gods gift to everything
Weapons: Sex toys to the max.
Fighting Style: Doesn't fight.

Attitude: Arrogant, self invovled, egotistical, charismatic, ass hole.
Usual Style Of Dress: Slutty.

Physical Description: Tall and exetremely thin, long hair, dark eyes, this seductive smile. Tattoo around left nipple, one along his collar bone, one on his upper left arm, and on his lower left arm.

Physical Attributes: Hair is worn down 95% of the time, always straight, and well groomed, never greasy. Very Russian features, except he isn't hairy in the slightest. Keeps well manicured nails.

Medical: Had a heart condition from an accident (very briefly)

Preference: Barcelona (That is the only person who he is attracted to at all, he is a Barce-xual)
Status: In love
Gender: Male

Brief Biography: Milan was born the oldest of twins to Evey and Aiden Whom he loves very much. Milan grew up very self invovled and hardly ever shows love to anyone, except his grandmother and grandfather, (and now Barcelona). Milan's favorite person to spend time with his John because he knows his Nana isn't judgemental and always has a warm smile and good advice. From early teenage years he knew he was in love with his brother Barcelona, and tried to cover it up by being incrediably cruel to said person, but finally told him one day recently.

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