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Rules And Regulations

There are certain rules to being a part of USI, and they are as follows:

The Adminstrators and managers, which are Dameon and myself, John, are in charge at all times. You got a problem with something, come to us. Don't make a hasty decision, because if you jump into something that's way out of your league, you deal with it on your own. We aren't a pack, we don't defend each other unless it's necessary. And reckless decisions don't get that kind of support.

Dameon has the say so, more than me, but we agree on most things. If you ask me something that I know I can't handle, then I'll go to Dameon. You don't want to wait, refer to the first paragraph.

Absolutely NO ONE besides the members of USI are allowed in the building. When you join, you are issed a barcode, in tattoo form, somewhere on your body. It must be visible, or else you will get shot. We have security systems, as well as cyber hounds that will attack and destroy if your barcode is not in plain sight. And by the way, we aren't responsible for your irresponsibility. You fuck up, we kick you out. And the only way to get out is to have your memory wiped clean, or we kill you.

Employee relationships are encouraged, but not when they get in the way of a mission. If you decide to play hero, then we will punish you. And believe me, Dameon's punishments are really, really bad.

Other than that, please refer to the form below to request our services...

To request USI's services, please send the following form to any of the Operators. Or, to make things easier on you, send it here:

Contact Line

Bounty Submit Form

Name of person: (Full name)
Amount offered: (No less than $100,000)
Description: (Describe the physical features, the race, and everything else you know about the bounty here)
Put Your Name: (Character Name)
Contact Info.: (Put your contact info here)
Comments: (Anything you'd like to say on your own...)

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