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| Riahna Verache |

Name: Riahna Allegra VeracheAge: 37 [Appearance of 20]
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145lbs [muscle]
Race: 1/10th Red Dragon, 1/10th Black Dragon, 8/10ths Vampire [Toreador and Brujah]
Eye Color: Varies with mood. The calmer or more solemn the emotion, the darker the color. When excited, iris' become a brilliant lime.
Hair Color: Crimson
Skin Color: Fairly pale
Ethnicity: Traces of Italian and Irish

Family: Tony Verache [brother], Aaron and Joseph Verache [sons], Cris Josephs [husband], Dameon Josephs [father in-law], John Arens Quest [mother in-law], Derek Josephs [brother in-law], Alexander Josephs [brother in-law], Aiden and Vitaly Josephs [brothers in-law], Caine Quest [brother in-law], Edward Quest [brother in-law], David Quest [brother in-law], Adam Quest [brother in-law], and Erikk [faux brother].

Occupation: Stripper/Bar Tender/Bounty Hunter

Weapons: Natural weapons, [claws/ fangs/ breath weapon: fire], Beretta M501 and Px4 Storm
Fighting Style: Street fighting, self taught method [varies], long range shooting/target

Attitude: Poorly tempered, cunning, manipulative, sensual, teasing, arrogant, vain, and dominant.

Usual Style Of Dress: Common wear, more leaning to darker articles of clothing rather than anything else; When in work for USI, usually wears completely black, gun holsters beneath arms and at hips, ready for anything as a sharp shooter, as well as combat boots, tying hair back for better vision.

Physical Description: Average in height, possesses accentuated curves and has a semi-masculine outline, not too lank, and none too overbearing. Can have choice to extend nails and fangs to a degree.

Physical Attributes: Has no tattoos or pierced areas on body, but does have multiple scars from service to career and earlier events. Unusually vivid color in eyes, and light specs of freckles across bridge of nose.

Medical: Naturally born with traces of dragon, later turned vampire; Paranoia, insomnia, slight sense of obsessive compulsive disorder, aggressive temperament.

Significant Feature(s): Can extend a pair of dark red, demonic-like wings from back reaching to a span of 10ft whilst in flight. If not flying, then can be spotted by pronounced appearance, or when fangs are bared.

Preference: Bisexual
Status: Married [Though polygamous]
Gender: Female

Brief Biography: Was the youngest and only born daughter to a high roller and one of his whores, whom loved her dearly. Her father had lost her mother's and his own life to a careless bet, their daughter then taken in and trained for the services. From there, she had been turned into one of the damned, taking the curse willingly from a young lover met from her alignment of service. Though, once the administrators had caught wind of the relationship, and she had been sent out of the country to serve elsewhere.

A couple of years had passed, and her more exotic interests had come to life working as a daytime bartender and "house favorite" at night, switching off to different clubs on a basis to avoid boredom or dull performance. Months dragged on before she had met John, whom had, along with Dameon, introduced her to USI, also to witness the birth of their first child, Cris [who she is currently, and happily married to]. She blends a little bit of both worlds into her personality, and takes pride into being a member.

...Despite being in a house brimming with gay men...

This page created by John.

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