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Sushi Weekly
Here are a few of the current articles from Sushi Weekly. If you are interestred in more, leave a message in the guest book and I will see  what I can do. Sushi Weekly is meant to entertain. If it doesn't we are so sorry for the inconvience this has cause you!
In a world of political unrest and the looming possiblility of biological warfare and nuclear holocaust around every corner it is good to plan ahead for the worst. Aside from hording th lots of Ramen Noodles, water and Twinkies inthe basement for the bartering puposes  with the enventual down fall of society, you want to be prepared to defend the homestead. As a majority of species are wiped away from the palent and the ozone layer peals away to almost nothing, the reanimated corpses of citizens of earth with re-emerge and seek vengeances from being awakend from the deep and dreamless sleep of decomposing. With having to deal with said difficulties of post modern life, it is good to prepare ahead of time by finding an easy to defend dwelling. While looking for said residency it is good not advice not to have large windows, due to the fact that windows are easy to break adn therefore wasy for zombies to pile through. It would be good to seek out a shleter that is either partially submerged in the ground or elevated; greound level is like inviting the zombies in for a cup of tea and side of brains. Not a very smart idea. Anyway, a submerged dwelling allows a person to create underground escape tunnels and leaves only one main entrance to defend. Elevated dwellings gives a person a fighting chance, because youc an pick off zombies at a distnace with bows and arrows, guns and catapolts. In any sort of dwelling it is always good to have some sort of fire place. Lighting zombies on fire is a sure way to get rid of them, since dried bones and skine will go up in flames rathe quickley. SO over all, if you are reading to move, look for these few thinga nda you too will be able to survive the new dark ages with ease and comfort.
Be Prepared!----T.M. Hackler 9/7
Christmas! by T.M. Hackler 9/7
I know. You don't want to think about it and you probably won't do any shopping till the week before, but it must be said. Christmas is coming. WIth the onslaught of holidays approaching at the same speed of a heard of dancing red bulls, you must be prepared to be unprepared. Now, I am not saying that ou should do your shopping now. In no way should we break tradition of the last minute adrenaline rush of gift wrapping the night before, but it is always good to keep in mind what you want to order fromAmazon for all those almost special people in your life. YOu never want to run out of wrapping paper the night before adn have to trudge to an all night retail store to buy some more. The sights one sees at that time never leave the retina. So you don't want to go there. Any way. back to the original topic.  Group gifts are awesome and always hold a special place in the heard of any family, so here are a couple of ideas for the holidays, so you can kick back and enjoy the sushi.  First idea: Hamasters. Get two. If you put two in a box with some food under the tree, youcould be giving the gift that keeps on giving. NOt to mention thier quick breeding capabilities it is easy to come up with another gift for that extra person during the holidays. Second Idea: Socks. Every one can use them. There has never been a time in history where a woman will not want a cute sock and a man will not need a replacement. You can buy them in bulk, which saves on the budget and no one can complain that you spent more money on pair then the other. Both feet and all people are equal when it comes to socks. And last but certainly not least impressive idea is: Cheese! Yes I know youare arguing that not every body likes cheese or eats cheese, and that is true, but everyone can use cheese. Even  if you do not personally consume it, it is one of those top entertainment center pieces for social gatherings. If you give cheese you are giving them a break in teh wallet and letting them know that you were thinking of them in the cheesiest way. WIth these three wonderful ideas, it lets you maintain that delightful adrenaline rush with out the panic. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!
Wolf Girl
Wild Idea's
Lost!  By T.M. Hackler- 9/7
Lost: One half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This sandwich has the chunky style peanut butter and red raspberry jelly on whole wheat bread. It was last seen in my purse and has since gon missing. If you find it, please contact the owner. Despite not wanting to eat it, the owner does feel a certain amount of responsibility for whatever damages it might of caused. If you have any information on the where abouts of this missing sandwhich, please contact the Sushi Weekly offices to colelct your reward.