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"Timnel Kennels"
"Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs"
"Work     &     Guard"
At Work getting the cattle into the yards !!!   (Pepsi and Jessie)
Weclome to our site of our Stumpy Tail Cattle dogs.  All our dogs have been graded "A"  through the CCC of Australia.  I would not recommend any other breed to anyone for work, loyalty, companionship and most of all there friendship that they give to us day in day out.  They are great pets with the kids.  If you would like to join a site that talks about dogs not just about stumpy's but we also invite other breeds to come and have a chat from time to time.  Just click on the link you see across the page.  We have members from America, Neverlands, all over the place. 
A Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog Club.
Other breeds are welcomed to join as well.  Come chat and see other Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog homepages and photos.
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