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Jennifer Anne F. Messing

Author, Poet, Speaker & Teacher

jafm-head-240x320.jpg Welcome to the website of JENNIFER ANNE MESSING, author and poet. Here you will find the latest information about her published books, speaking engagements, and booksignings. You can contact Ms. Messing by email at JenniferAnneMessing@comcast.net.

Jennifer Anne Messing was born in Manila, Philippines, and now resides in Oregon with her husband and their three children. She has had over 150 articles and poems published in many print and online magazines and book compilations including The Secret Place, Standard, Evangel, Live, Seek, Bible Advocate, The Christian Journal, The East County Gazette, The Proverbs 31 Woman, More God's Abundance, Families Can Bounce Back, and Romancing the Soul. She has a bachelor's degree in Christian Education and a diploma in Freelance Journalism. Ms. Messing previously served for four years as President of the Oregon Christian Writers, a statewide writers organization with 350+ members.

In addition to her freelance writing work, Jennifer Anne serves as Worship Director at her church and keeps busy with homemaking pursuits and raising her children. Her favorite hobbies are reading (especially the English classics), watching old-fashioned romantic movies, cooking and baking, journaling, surfing the net, exercising, and being creative with personal beauty and fashion. She also enjoys listening to a variety of classical, instrumental, and modern pop and soft rock music.

frontcovermessingintheshadow.jpg Jennifer Anne Messing’s gift book, IN THE SHADOW OF HIS WINGS~Prayers, Poems and Passages to Inspire, was released by Publish America in April, 2004. This paperback title is available for ordering at www.publishamerica.com ISBN # 1-4137-0737-8.  


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