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Yusuke Urameshi
Demon yusuke
Human yusuke
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Yusuke urameshi
Hair color: black(white when he is controlled by raizen in his demon form)
Eye color: reddish brown,Red when in demon form
Spirit techniques:spirit gun,spirit gun double,spirit shotgun,spirit fist.

Bio:Yusuke urameshi is a typical delinquent,brash,tough,bad attitude and no respect for authority, yusukes mother, atsuko had him when she was only 14, and she is a drunk and irresponsible mother, she cares alot about yusuke though. Even though she cares about him he turned into a delinquent. Yusuke has little friends and many enemies. Yusuke loves a girl named kayko yukimora, who happens to be his best friend aside from kuwabara. Yusuke dies before he is supposed to, by taking a hit by a car for a little kid,as a result he went through an ordeal that got his life back. Yusuke then became the "reikai tantei" or "spirit detective". Yusuke has a great deal of spirit power, but only when he is hurt somehow emotionally does he show it, a god example is when toguro kills kuwabara in the dark tournament and that causes yusukes power to go to it's full extent. Yusuke eventually dies again at the hands of sensui then comes back as a youkai or Demon. Yusuke becomes a full demon while he is fighting sensui, raizen, tries to control him and so this pisses yusuke off, once yusuke defeats sensui he sets out to find the one who controlled him, raizen, and so he fought in the makai tournament.
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