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Jagdgeschwader 3 "UDET"
A III Gruppe ME-109F belonging to the Gruppe Technical Offizer somewhere in Russia, Summer of 1941.
A series of 3 photos of a 9. Staffel, III Gruppe Me-109G6R2 being prepaired for a sortie then lanuching in Italy, Summer of 1943. These "Pulk Zerstorers" used A2A rockets to break up Allied bomber formations.
Feldw. Willi Maximowitz of 11. Staffel, IV Gruppe/STURM runs up his
Fw-190A-8R2 "Black 8" prior to taking off from Druex Airfield June 1944.
A line-up of ME-109E-4's of 2. Staffel, I Gruppe
ME-109G-1 of a JG 3 Stab Offizer somewhere in Russia during the Summer of 1942.
Oberst Walther Dahl, Kommodore JG 3
Awarded Knights Cross with Oakleaves
128 Kills during 678 Combat Sorties of which 30 where 4 engine bombers & 34 were IL-2's
Pilots of IV Gruppe STURM at airfield Illesheim discuss tactics after a mission during June 1944
Oberst Viktor Bauer Staffelkapitan 9./JG 3
Awarded Knights Cross with Oakleaves
106 Kills in 400 Combat Missions
Oberst Gordon Gollob Kommandeur II Gruppe
Awarded Knights Cross
w/th Oakleaves, Swords & Diamonds
150 Kills in 340 Combat Missions
Major Wilhem Moritz Kommandeur IV(Sturm)/JG 3
Awarded Knights Cross
44 Kills of which 15 were 4-engine bombers.