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Jagdgeschwader 3 "UDET"
Willkommen Jagdfliger!  The following section will tell you about the system we use to score our Squad Night flights. It is VERY importaint that you keep a close record of your flights as that is the basis for how Kill Streaks, awards & rank promotions are earned.
It is recomended that you score each sortie on a pad of paper or film it as you fly it for review later. It will make it alot easier than trying to remember everything later.
(Also will make it easier on the scorekeeper!)
*SORTIES: Each time you take off it is a SORTIE. We will have at least 3 "Official Sorties" or MISSIONS on squad nights. How many total sorties we fly depends on the length of the missions or how hot the action is. Scoring for squad night ends when the Command Staff leave for the night or call an end to scoring.
*LAND, SEA & TRANSPORT:  Any kills or deaths received manning a vehicle, field gun, ship gun or Transport plane DOES NOT COUNT.  Just doing your part for the cause.
*JABO:  On Attack & Bomber sorties,  deaths ARE COUNTED just as they are with strictly A2A sorties.
*DEATHS:  Anytime you are killed weather it be due to enemy action, flak or a crash. A DEATH will end the sortie and will end your kill streak.
*LANDED:  If you return and safely land your A/C at any friendly base, it is counted as a LAND.
*DITCHED::  A safe wheels up landing on land or water where the pilot is not killed. If you ditch and are killed it is counted as a DEATH. If you ditch in enemy held territory it is counted as a CAPTURE so you want to get as close to friendly territoy as you can befor
*KILLS: 1 for each enemy A/C s
*BAILED: When you parachute out of a damaged A/C. If you bail out over enemy territory it is counted as a CAPTURE so you want to try to get as close to friendly territory before you bail i
*CAPTURED: This is a bail out or ditch in enemy territory. Same rules
*AAR: (After Action Report):  This is the report you will send in to the scorekeeper to receive credit for the sorties you flew on a squad night. On this you will list how man sorties you flew, weather you landed them or not, how manny kills & assts. you got and any comments you wish to list about the sorties.
The Scorekeeper will send you a prepaired form that uses MS WORD program when you join the squad. Use it to send in all your scores. If you do not have WORD you can send you
*ASSTS:  Part credit for an A/C kill. The luftwaffe did not give credit for an Asst. so neither will we but keep track of them and send them in with your score report and AAR.
*DISCO:  When you loose connection or have to return to base on a sortie because of a technical problem. Doesn't count against you in any way - just bad luck.
*BEST STREAK:  It is the HIGHEST number of enemy A/C shot down by you. If you are not killed or captured during a sortie your kill streak will increase each time you get a kill or kills and return to friendly territory to land, bail successfully or ditch SAFELY. To put it simply this is the best you have done without getting killed or captured.
If you are killed or captured during a sortie your BEST STREAK will stop at the current number of kills you had at the time you were killed and you will start again at zero. Your BEST STREAK is what is represented on the web page by the kill markers under your aircraft.
*TARGETS DESTROYED:  List any guns, buildings or ships destroyed by you on a sortie. You get credit for
*CURRENT STREAK:  This is the kill streak you are working on now. As long as you are not killed or captured this streak will continue to increase. If you have been killed or captured on a past sortie you have had your streak set back to zero and what you had became your BEST STREAK.
Any new kills you get will be your CURRENT STREAK and will stay so untill you are either killed or captured or acheve more than your past BEST STREAK. The your CURRENT STREAK will become your BEST STREAK.
KILLS BEFORE A DEATH:  If you have gotten kills during a sortie but are later killed or captured during the same sortie you still receive credit for them. Make sure to make a note of this on your AAR. The next sortie your kill streak will start at zero.
*AIR & GROUND ASSAULT:  Captures of enemy fields by Parachute or Ground assault during squad missions DOES COUNT for special credit. If you are carring the troops and get the capture be sure to report it on your AAR for that squad night.
YOU HAVE TWO DAYS TO GET YOUR SCORES IN OR THEY ARE NULL AND VOID.  We work on the "Honor" system with scoring so try and keep the best records you can as you fly so you will get what is due to you. Also feel free to add any notes or comments of what you saw or could be improved on the sorties. STAB reads every one of them.
Oberstlt. Bear76 is the "Official" Scorekeeper for JG-3 "UDET." If you have any problems with your scores or a question with the system please direct them to him by clicking on the icon below. But remember, HIS WORD IS FINAL in this Dept.

1                   Attack                 Landed               FH Destroyed    Kills: P-51 (Brady)  Assts: 2  (?)
     2                   Attack                 Bailed                 2 Hits on BH,     GKills: M16 (Sabre), M16 (?)
     3                   Fighter                 Landed               Kills: P-51 (?), P-47 (Eskimo),  Assts: 1 (Shane)


DATE:  3/5/03

SORTIE 1: Came in on a little high and caught all the cons low. Managed to drop the FH on the first pass. It must have been damaged earlier. On my return strafing pass caught a 51 getting up from the field and downed him.
SORTIE 2: Manged two hits on BH. Enemy was waiting with many flak vehicles around target- managed to get two before being hit. RTB'ed at once and managed to make it to friendly territory before bailing.
SORTIE 3:  Fighter sweep to F11 area. Downed 2 close to the field. We seemed to come in a little low and was almost bounce by that high Spitfire.