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This chapter is intended to be a guide to both Kommandeurs and new pilots to the Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) of JG-3, or exactly "what we do" to plan, set up for, and fly each sortie on a squad night.
Follow the guidelines as close as possible to help cut down on the confusion for each sortie and so your squad leaders can concentrate on getting the mission going.
While the list below looks long and complicated it will become second nature to you after a couple of squad nights.
Make sure you have the correct terrain downloaded. Always start a squad night about 30 minutes before the appointed time. Go check your e-mail & the Squad Forum for any orders or special instructions for the sorties to be flown that night. Print out any strike maps you will need from the maps folder on the Squad forum.
Get yourself settled and ready for flying that night.
Squad time is TUESDAY & THURSDAY at 10:00 pm EST. Try to log on AT LEAST 15 MINUTES EARLY to get yourself settled in and find out the info you will need and what you need to do. If you have come into the arena early and are flying get yourself down by this time. IT IS BAD FORM TO MAKE YOUR FELLOW SQUAD MATES WAIT ON YOU. Be responsable.
When you arrive in the arena find out where the rest of the squad is and move there and hold in the tower You can easily move to a certain field by typing ( . MOVE XX)( XX = the Field number, Example. 46). You can ask questions and shoot the bull with the guys and get a qeneral idea of what is going on for tonight. IF THE SQUAD LEADERS ARE MAKING PLANS VIA RADIO ABOUT TONIGHTS MISSIONS STAY OFF THE RADIO.
At 5 minutes to the hour you will get the briefing on the mission we are to fly. GET OFF THE RADIO & LISTEN & WATCH THE TEXT BUFFER FOR ORDERS FROM STAB & YOUR GRUPPE LEADERS.
Stab - Will assign the objectives of the sortie and what each Gruppen job or target will be.
Gruppe Kommandeur'
s - you are responsable for assigning wingmen, a/c type and setting fuel & armament for the said aircraft. Make sure your guys are set up.
Pilots - Your responsability is to know what Gruppen you are in and what your radio callsign is. Listen for orders, make sure you have the right a/c and armament. Listen close and watch the T/B for your Gruppe's orders and loadouts so you will not have to ask questions when we are trying to get ready to launch and hold up the rest of the squad.
Once you have your correct a/c, loadout and know your wingman
HOLD IN THE TOWER. Don't take off for the runway till you are told to.
Wait in the tower till your Gruppe Kommandeur tells you what runway to get on. He will call "I Gruppe take the N runway."  Don't noodle around at this point - get where you are suposed to be.When the command is given for your Gruppe to leave the tower spawn you aircraft then roll forward a little to spread youself out so the Kommandeur can see everyone. DON'T TAKE OFF YET. Then cut your engine so you can hear.
If more than one Gruppen is on the same runway Kommandeurs either move your Gruppe up or to one side of the runway and have your pilots move up to you. It should be by order of Gruppen on the runway - Stab then I, II, III & finally IV Gruppen.
Once on the runway and in position your Gruppe Kommandeur will call for a "Check in" for his Gruppe. If you are ready all you need to do is is say your number via the radio (example "2" or" Komet 2"). This helps Stab & each Gruppen Kommandeur know that everone is ready to fly.
STAB will call out the course we are going to head out on and for the Geschwader to Crank Engines. Gruppen Kommandeur's will then order their Gruppe to roll when it is their time. When you hear the call for your Gruppe to roll - ROLL AS SOON AS YOU SEE YOUR LEADERS PLANE ROLL. This will keep you close together and prevent straggling during form-up.
The Geschwader on "wheels up" will make one or two left-hand circles of the field to allow form up before heading out to the target. During this time get into your position with your Gruppe and your wingman so you will be close when we turn to head toward the target.
The circle will be wide so each successive Gruppen that launches should "cut across" the circle to get themselves in position. Straggling pilots out of position should do the same.
Fly the mission just as briefed. Listen & watch the T/B for any orders that concern you or your Gruppe. Stay with your wingman and Gruppe and keep scanning the sky for cons. Hit your target or do your job on the mission.
General RTB: This the recall for the whole Geschwader. When you hear it disengage as soon as possible and head out on the course given or toward your egress route. If you don't there is a good chance you will be left behind. Many times you will be engaged too closely to leave when the call comes. If this happens try and move the fight in the direction of egress so your squad mates can clear you and we can all get out.
10. RE-UPS:
If you are shot down, imediately get up and CAP (Combat Air Patrol) the field the Geschwader will be returning to. Form up with any other pilots there and grab alt over the field. This will be to cover the returning force should they be dragging cons. Only come back to the fight if you are ordered too then rejoin you Gruppe as soon as you can.
When you hear the order for all palnes to land get your plane down. Don't hold up the rest of the squad wating for you to land.
Get in the tower and get ready for the next one. Write down any scores or notes you had on the last one and wait for the next briefing or issuing of orders for the next sortie.
Depending on the length of each sortie we will take a 5 minute break between each for you to go to the bathroom or get a snack.