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Jagdgeschwader 3 "UDET"
The following are the Rules of Conduct for Jagdgeschwader 3 UDET.
All members of JG 3 are expected to read this "Rules of Conduct" and agree to it's content and intent and adhere to it.
    It is each individuals responsibility as a member of JG 3 to know who your leaders are, which Gruppe you are in and who your wingman is.
     It is not the duty of higher ranking officers to bark out orders and take away the fun of the game but to direct the pilots under his command in a responsible manner so they can work as a TEAM. This is the highest goal for the squad.
    You must be 18 Years of age due to the fact that every once in a while a few cuss words slip out in the heat of battle. Also because we are looking for "mature" members for the squad who can be counted on to participate in the the squad and take it seriously.
      The pilot must also be able to make most of the squad nights unless their is a real life ememrgency that must take priority.
      You must also have a full time account for ACES HIGH, speak English, be able to both transmit and recieve with AH Voice in the game and fly with a joystick.
      You will also be required to register on the ACES HIGH BULLETIN BOARD as the squad has a private forum there where we post squad business and orders.
TEAMWORK is the corner stone of JG 3. We fly and fight as a SQUAD. All pilots flying with the success of the mission and getting all pilots safely back to land those kills as the main idea. If you get that kill and lose your wingman in the process, then you didn't do anything. JG 3 allows NO "Lone Wolf" or "ScoreWhore" types in the squad.
    All new members are taken on for a two week "Probationary" period. These two weeks are to let the prospective pilot see if JG 3 is the type of squad he wants to join on a full time basis. It also lets us have a look at him to see what training he needs, what Gruppe he will be assigned to where he can fly to the best of his abilities.
     Also during these two weeks the Cadet pilot will get any training he needs as well as be briefied on how the squad operates on squad nights. The Cadet will be assigned to the Training Officer or one of the regular squadron pilots for a time for training. Once the Cadet is rated Mission Ready he will be assigned to his Gruppe.
    Participation in squad nights, AH events and matches against other squads, is why this squad was formed. If you don't participate, you will NOT advance in rank. If non-participation continues the pilot will be placed on the inactive list or dropped from the squad.   
    You must participate in at least 90% of the two squad nights each week, UNLESS, you clear your absence with any of the STAB Officers.. If you have a real-life situation that has to take priority that is acceptable. Real Life ALWAYS comes first.
     If you go a week WITHOUT attending squad nights or contacting STAB to say you will be gone you will be placed on the Inactive Reserve List.
     If you go a further two weeks without showing for squad nights or contacting STAB about the reason for your absence or status you will be dropped from the squad roster.
    Jagdgeschwader 3 has built up the reputation as a "Class Act" in the CT. All members of the squad have worked hard to build this reputation so we take this VERY seriously. We have  a code of conduct that is STRICTLY enforced and it is expected to be followed by all members of the squad. Failure to do so will lead to review by STAB and possible imediate dismissal from the squad.
     Treat other playes as you would like them to treat you. It won't help JG 3 if you become confrontational with other players. Making rude comments or accusations of other players is looked down upon and is better suited to a bunch of 5 year olds.
     There will be times in the CT when some nimrod will say someting or do something that will set you off. If you get mad, take a break. Stay off the Open Channel no matter how bad it pisses you off. Do your talking with your guns - the kill message he gets will get the point across.
     Also, don't be a ragging winner or a sore looser about victories or loses. No one likes to play with these kind of people. Give the enemy a <S> and try to get him the next time.
    As a Member of JG 3, your reputation as a player reflects on the squad as a whole. The reputation of the squad also reflects on it's members. So conduct yourself with respect and restraint. Save your hostility for the game.
     If there are ANY reports of JG 3 pilots not conducting themselves with the highest standards, (During squad nights, events or non squad hours), that pilot will have to explain it to the ENTIRE squad. Then, STAB will decide whether you will continue with JG 3.
    It is very importaint that each and every member of the squad assist each other during squad time, training and when flying during non squad times. Fly with your squad mates whenever you can so you will get used to how they fly and they can get used to you.
     If a fellow squad mate asks for your help in polishing his skills, help him. This not only helps the squad as a whole but improves your chances in a squad sized battle.
     If you have any particular skills or tactics that might benefit other squad members, share them! If you have a better way of doing something, don't hesitate to tell the whole squad about it.
    The main object is to have fun. PERIOD. While we do take our flying and squad seriously you should never get to the point where it is like work or it makes you so mad that you are sick. Treat it like a stress reliver and have fun flying and learning new things about the aircraft you fly.
     Get to know your squad mates and take part in the discussions and squad activities that go on. Before long you will find that you have some of the best friends you know and you have never met them.
      Be proud of your squad and work to make it better. It is all what you put into it. If you put in a little effort you will get enjoyment back ten fold.
Good Luck and Good Hunting Jagdflieger "UDET"!  HORRIDO!