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In Their Own Words - Code Blue

Harm    Mac

Lieutenant Commander Harmon Rabb, Jr.

By Sarah Kathryn Roberts (cloudbonnie@webtv.net)

You know... getting hit by a car is a sure way to have your morning ruined. There I was, running along with Mac in the park -- well, we were actually trying to out-do each other -- and all of a sudden, BAM! I pushed Mac out of the way just in time, but I wasn't so lucky. If I had only seen that car sooner, I might have gotten myself out of the way, too.


The doc at the hospital said I had a pretty bad cut on my left leg, as well as some ligament damage and a slight concussion, but I would be okay otherwise in a few days. Good thing, too. I hate hospitals, especially when they insist on giving me antibiotic shots!


My hospital room is okay -- as good as one could be, I guess. I'm sharing it with an older man named Walter Hume. He said he was in to have his hip replaced. I told him that I lost an argument with a car. As soon as he saw my cap with the JAG emblem on it, he would not stop talking. He had once been in the Navy and began telling me stories. It's not that I don't like stories, just not when I'm pumped full of painkillers and trying to watch something on TV. It was when I was watching something that Walter got my attention, saying he heard gun shots. Since the show I was watching was a Western, I told him that there was supposed to be gunfire. When he said that it sounded like automatic weapons coming from inside the hospital, I tried to call the front desk to see what was up. The line was dead. Something was very wrong. I told Walter to stay in the room while I looked around in the hallway, then got up and hobbled out.

As I was looking around, wondering where everyone had gone to, I was startled by a lady asking the same question. She was in serious labor. I told her to stay in bed while I looked for a doctor.

Luckily, I found a pair of doctor's scrubs and was able to get out of that drafty hospital gown. I tried the elevator, but it wouldn't work. I came near the door to the stairwell, and my heart did a flip when I noticed a bomb attached to it. I barely had enough time to blink when a guy with a machine gun started firing at me! I ran as best I could on my crippled leg.

While evading the man who was trying to put me in the morgue, I came across an old man whose cardiac monitor was droning. There was nothing I could do for him, but now I was sure something was preventing the doctors from tending to their patients. My guess was that it had to do with the guy with a gun. Soon, another man joined him. By listening to their conversation, I learned that the younger man was named Zaki, and the guy shooting at me was Temir. By what I pieced together, they were there to force the authorities to release one of their own from prison. Suddenly, Temir ordered Zaki to kill one of the patients. He walked into the room with the old man and shot him. He evidently had a conscience since he killed a man who was already dead. Maybe I could reason with him and help stop what was going on. Luckily, I found a cell phone and was able to call someone who could tell me what was happening. The terrorists -- headed by a man named Mustafa -- were holding an Israeli minister named Barruch to force the Good Guys down stairs to give in to their demands. Time was vital because Barruch desperately need a heart transplant, and the terrorists wouldn't allow it until they got what they wanted.

As I was heading back toward the door with the bomb, I heard the pregnant lady yelling for a doctor. If all pregnancies were like this, I would hate to be a woman! I hurried back to her room and tried to make her stay quiet so it wouldn't attract the terrorists. She nearly broke my hand when she squeezed it, trying to bear the labor pains. I quickly called the Good Guys down stairs to get in contact with a doctor. He asked me some questions, but none as uncomfortable as when he asked me to check how much she was dilated. I was a little embarrassed, but she just told me that she didn't have anything I hadn't seen before. Well, now, I can honestly say that I have never seen that before! The doc said she had about an hour before she delivered, so I told her that I'd be back soon -- after I had seen to the bomb, but I didn't tell her that.

While I was listening to the instructions of the bomb expert on how to disarm the explosive, Zaki yelled at me, and I bolted down the hallway. I hurried into a room where yet another patient had flat-lined -- a young woman this time. Zaki looked regretful when he saw her. I could tell that he hadn't expected there to be any deaths. I tried to convince him to help me stop the terrorists so more people wouldn't die. He had just agreed when Temir shot him in the head and then aimed at me. I barely escaped, hobbling down the hall, looking for somewhere to hide. I was able to inject him with something and wrestle the gun for his hands. He would be out of it for quite a while, I hoped. Suddenly, Walter showed up, and we both dragged Zaki to a bed. I tried to save him, but he was brain-dead.

I hurried back to the bomb. As I was looking it over, telling the man what I saw, he warned me to stay away from the 12-V alkaline battery, and I told him that I wouldn't touch it...again. The pregnant lady screamed, and I abandoned the bomb and hurried back to her one more time. While on my way, yet another armed man spotted me and started shooting. I could only guess that it was this Mustafa guy who the Good Guys down stairs had told me about. I had to think of something quickly before I ended up like Zaki. Soon, he had me cornered at the end of the hall. A few moments later, he slid the cooler containing Minister Barruch's new heart across the floor, trying to draw me out in the open. I honestly thought about going for it, but suddenly, someone contacted Mustafa on his walkie-talkie. It sounded a lot like Mac. Realizing I had a temporary distraction, I had to think of something to take him out. Time for a little MacGyvering! With quick use of a little water and a defibrillator, I gave Mustafa a shocking experience that he'd never forget. He went down quickly. I ran over to the cooler, finding it riddled with bullets. Luckily, they were able to use Zaki's heart instead. How about that? An Israeli with a Palestinian heart!

As I was walking with Mac down the hall, the pregnant lady screamed again. After entering her room, I saw her new baby boy cuddled in her arms. All this time, she had thought it was a girl and hadn't had a boy's name picked out. She asked me my name and then Walter's. When she asked her new child what he thought about Harmon Walter, he was anything but ecstatic. Of course, he was only a few minutes old! Mac suggested naming it after her, but I think Harmon is better!


Disclaimer: While based on the JAG episode, this is for entertainment purposes only and no profit is being made.