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In Their Own Words - Code Blue

Harm    Mac

Major Sarah MacKenzie

By Cassie (mackenzie_rabb@yahoo.com)

Today started out simple enough. Harm and I had the day off, so he suggested we go jogging this morning.

Sounds harmless enough, right? Maybe that's a wrong choice of words.

Anyway, we were going along at a steady pace, mostly in comfortable silence, when I asked him what his running distance was. He said his usual was ten miles, and when he asked me, I countered with fifteen.

First of all, I don't run fifteen miles. I was messing with Harm, but he got all egotistical anyway and we began to race. He was ahead, but I took a shortcut and caught up with him

Then I ran into the road right in front of a car.

I don't know if it was his pilot instincts or what, but he pushed me to the side of the road and the car hit *him*.

God, he has a nasty habit of scaring me to death. I called out to the driver to call 911, and as I knelt to check on him, he muttered something about winning and passed out. I really don't know what I'm going to do with this man!

Anyway, the driver offered to take us to the hospital, and somehow we got Harm into the car.

After I got him to emergency, I didn't see him for an hour, and I began to get worried. After a long interrogation of a *very* difficult receptionist, I found out he was okay. I finally got to see him for a few minutes, and he told me he had some strained ligaments, and a slight concussion. He also had a very large gash on his leg, but he didn't have to tell me about that, it was still bleeding through the bandage when I saw him.

I left him to rest, and grabbed some lunch at the cafeteria.

That's when all hell broke loose.

One minute I'm walking along, and the next I hear gunshots. I briefly saw men in scrubs firing in the dining room and I tried to sneak out for help, but one of the terrorists caught me. Then they gathered everyone in the dining area, where they proceeded to harass a rather strong-willed female doctor. There were a lot of patients in jeopardy, so I could understand her aggravation, to put it mildly, but she was about to get herself shot. Fortunately, if you want to look at it that way, they were speaking Farsi, so I was able to talk them out of hurting her.

After things calmed down a bit, we figured out they were there for the Israeli Minister of Security and Defense Barruch, who was there for a heart transplant. I found out later that the terrorists were members of the Hamas, and they wanted one of their political leaders freed from prison. Apparently the peace talks weren't going all that well.

These guys were merciless - almost. I had some trouble talking them into letting us help a woman in cardiac arrest. That's when Jenna (the doctor) and I finally got our introductions out of the way. She told me she hoped Harm was staying out of trouble, and I told her I was sure he wasn't. He never does, why on earth would he start now?

That evening, the terrorists chose me, their special translator, to go out on the roof and pick up the transplant heart. Obviously they knew if one of them went out there they'd be blown away; there was a SWAT team up there ready for anyone suspicious looking.

From there, we went to the operating room, where the surgeon and his team were quite surprised that there was anything going on. Then those bastards took away the heart, hoping to kill the Minister.

My negotiations didn't go so well after that.

We needed a plan, and the sooner the better. The only thing I could come up with was to have the anesthesiologist release nitrous oxide into the room and hope it knocked the Hamas member out. The rest of us had to breathe oxygen to stay awake. I know it sounds crazy, but we had to keep the Minister alive. After that, it was a wait.

Finally, the Palestinian began to waver, and I was able to knock him out, take his gun and escape. I tried the elevator, but they had shut them down, and the stairwell doors were wired with explosives. If I had so much as bumped one of them, I would've been blown to high heaven.

With Minister Barruch only having a few hours to live without that new heart, I had to figure something out. I got a radio off Abdul, the one I had knocked cold, and called his brother, Mustafa. I was trying to organize a trade - the heart for his brother.

He promised a deal, and then went after Harm. I found that out after. I didn't know how involved Harm had gotten, and I'm glad I didn't know at the time. I didn't need him to worry about, too.

Harm electrocuted Mustafa, but his gun went off, shooting through the ice chest containing the heart. Luckily for the Minister, another of the terrorists, the one that had caught me initially, had been shot in the head and his mother agreed to donate his heart.

I finally got back to Harm, and there he was in scrubs, limping like a wounded animal. Actually, he didn't look too bad in those scrubs, not even after the day he'd had. If he hadn't been a lawyer, doctor would've been a good second choice.

Anyway, as we were all trying to wind down, there was a scream from down the hall that turned out to be a lady having a baby.

Harm had some stories to tell about her later, but they were both healthy. She'd been expecting a girl, but had a bouncing baby boy instead. She didn't even have a name picked out, so after trying out Harmon Walter (wouldn't wish that on anybody!) and not liking that, there's a brand new baby boy in the world tonight named Mac.

Maybe it wasn't such a rough day after all.


Disclaimer: While based on the JAG episode, this is for entertainment purposes only and no profit is being made.