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In Their Own Words - Cowboys and Cossacks

Harm    Mac    Bud

Major Sarah MacKenzie

By Becky (becky@carrier.kiev.ua)

Today was the day that I became a Russian pin up girl! Those two Russian sailors were just too cute the way they were taking pictures of everything. I was certainly flattered, but a bit embarrassed at how one of them just wrapped his arm right around me when they asked me to be in their picture....hey, all in the interest of dtente!


I couldn't sit back and let Captain McNamara just do whatever he wanted. I was there to observe and ensure neither side broke the rules. But McNamara obviously wasn't interested in winning the game, only in beating Captain Grinkov.

It was my duty to inform McNamara of the rules in assisting a raft in distress. I really thought for a minute or two that he wasn't going to pick up the Russians from the lifeboat. I really pissed him off though. He even threw me off of the bridge...well, there's a first time for everything!


After my little "run in" with McNamara, I went up to the gym to work out my frustration. Beating that bag never felt so good! But I looked up to find Zolta, one of the cute Russian sailors, watching me. I knew I could take him so decided to give him a little challenge. I used his male-chauvinist attitude greatly to my advantage. With each punch, I got more and more information out of him, until he had had enough and told me everything. Strange thing is though, I got the feeling he liked me even more after I whooped him! What a country!


I don't know exactly how it all got started, but we found our ship being fired upon by the Vasiliev. When those missiles were coming toward us, it was just a little more excitement than I had planned for that day! I guess I understood McNamara's need to fire back, but he was firing back at the ship that Bud and Harm were on! I maintained control on the outside but was a real basket case on the inside (not that I would *ever* admit that to Harm!)

I remember feeling extreme relief pour all through my body when I heard Harm's voice over the intercom telling us what was going on with the Vasiliev. Things were pretty tense for a while, but when all was said and done, it felt good to help all of the Russian sailors onto our ship. Evidently their captain was bent on going down with his ship. Good thing Harm was able to talk him into at least letting his crew escape first. After the crew were safely on our ship, the Vasiliev just blew up! Boom! That was something I sure didn't expect. But all is well and another day is done.


Thanks to Susan for the beta


Disclaimer: While based on the JAG episode, this is for entertainment purposes only and no profit is being made.