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In Their Own Words - Crossing the Line

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Lieutenant (j.g) Bud Roberts

By Sarah (smgfan1911@msn.com)

Darn! Mikey had tickets to a really good concert and I get assigned to help Major Mackenzie and Commander Rabb with this Seahawk case. Oh, well. I guess I can't have everything. We boarded the helicopter today and made our way to the Seahawk. God, I miss being on board. The USS Seahawk, my first and only sea duty. I wonder who they got to replace me.


After we were on board the ship, I found out who replaced me. Ensign Harriet Sims. She's very pretty and I like her style. I was surprised to find out that the CAG still remembered me. I didn't want to have to help the Ensign on our way up to the bridge but it looked like she forgot that the Major was wearing heels. Why did Major Mackenzie wear a skirt on an aircraft carrier anyway?

Ensign Sims is very polite and helpful with our investigation into this harassment complaint. I don't know about Lieutenant Isaaks. She seems like she wants something out of this. Like her right to fly back. Commander Rabb seemed surprised that the CAG had grounded her. He and the Major are up watching her flight tapes of the last mission.


Oh, my god! I cannot believe that what just happened. Lieutenant Isaaks and Lieutenant Hawkes just had a ramp strike and Lieutenant Hawkes was the only one to survive. Congresswoman DeLong, who was trying to help Lieutenant Isaaks with this case, looked a little devastated. Commander Rabb played a good role in saving the RIO. Her chute was hooked on one of those nets on the side of the ship and he jumped into the net and pulled her up. Part of me feels sorry for the Lieutenant because she was trying to make it in a man's world. The other part of me also says good riddance because she was cocky.

Of course I would never tell Commander Rabb or Major Mackenzie about how I feel. It's just not right.


Well, here I am. On my way back to shore and JAG HQ. I said my goodbyes to Ensign Sims earlier. I still remember her smile and me blushing when I asked to straighten her insignia. She wanted me to kiss her! I wanted to kiss her. Oh God! I think I'm in love!


Disclaimer: While based on the JAG episode, this is for entertainment purposes only and no profit is being made.