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In Their Own Words - Crossing the Line

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Major Sarah MacKenzie

By Jo (jhuppcla@knox.net)

We're on our way to the Seahawk, Lieutenant Roberts' old assignment. The CAG, Captain Thomas Boone, has been accused of sexual harassment by one of the female pilots under his command, Lieutenant Marilyn Isaaks. She claims it involved the 'Crossing the Line' ceremony, a ritualistic bout of torture for those sailors crossing the equator for the first time.

Harm seemed somewhat perturbed at the allegations, but whether it is because Captain Boon was his father's wingman in Vietnam or simply because he doesn't believe Captain Boone did it, I don't know.


I think Lieutenant Isaaks has some valid complaints, and certainly the remark about betting that she'd wet her pants while flying was inappropriate. I can understand why the decision to report the harassment was so difficult - not only does the allegations harm the career of the accused, but also that of the accuser. Still, I have an odd feeling about this investigation. Captain Boone doesn't strike me as a person to subtly go after someone in a 'pattern of harassment;' he would just tell them. And no one else has reported anything.

People can talk all they want about gender equality, but when it comes down to it, almost everyone has some bias. The skipper seems to think that because of my gender, I am biased against the CAG. And it seems Congresswoman DeLong, who will be arriving tomorrow, agrees.


If anyone on board deserves to have a sexual harassment case filed against him, it's Master Chief Sullivan. It may well be that observing the details of a Navy ceremony brings honor to those who created it, but the world is a different place from when Admiral Nimitz was alive. And that difference requires that alterations be made.

I don't doubt Harm's analysis of Lieutenant Isaaks's last landing; if anyone should know how close she came to a ramp strike, it's Harm. And Lieutenant Isaaks's questioning of our investigation isn't helping her character in my eyes. Lieutenant Hawks apparently didn't find any problem with the ceremony.


We interviewed Captain Boone today. It went pretty much as you would expect:

"Did you sexually harass Lieutenant Isaaks?"

"I did not."

"Did you order Master Chief Sullivan or anyone else to give Lieutenant Isaaks a hard time in the Crossing the Line ceremony?"

"I did not."

Which, generally, corroborates every version except Lieutenant Isaaks'.

I had to bite my keep from laughing when Congresswoman DeLong told Harm he should dye his platinum blonde. Blonde? Harm? He was much more civil about her attempt to get a rise out of him then I suspect I would have been. And much more civil than she deserved, especially with forcing the hand on Lieutenant Isaaks's flight status.

On a happier note, I think Lieutenant Roberts is a bit taken with the PA officer, Ensign Sims. And I think it's possible she him, too.


There is nothing I can say to adequately express what I feel. Lieutenant Isaaks died and Lieutenant Hawks very nearly did, all because a Congresswoman forced her hand. There was no reason for it.


I was right about Bud and Ensign Sims; Harm and I caught them kissing on one of the aircraft elevators. They make a cute couple.


Disclaimer: While based on the JAG episode, this is for entertainment purposes only and no profit is being made.