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In Their Own Words Ц Force Recon

Harm    Mac    Bud

Lieutenant Commander Harmon Rabb, Jr.

By Sandra (korbella@yahoo.com)

WOW!! Sergeant Major Sowers was a real trip. He was all business, but now that I have spent 8+ hours with him, I think I can successfully impersonate a Gunnery Sergeant. I sure hope so, anyway, because Recon marines will not take lightly an imposter playing in their sandbox, should they find out.


Mac sure takes this partner thing seriously. I had hoped she would understand why the Admiral did things the way he did, but she was pretty upset. She almost got me into trouble right off the bat by mentioning when she served in Bosnia and saying we served together. I did't know what she was talking about and she did it just to watch me squirm! Payback, I guess, for not telling her that I was coming in undercover. I really can't blame her, you know, because if it were *her* going undercover I would have wanted to know beforehand as well. Ah well, next time I'll know better. And Bud...he wasn't exactly sure how to handle our "discussion" of my undercover duties and whether or not I should have told Mac. He did have some valid points, though.

It's time to report for my first official duties as the new Gunnery Sergeant. Hope I do Sergeant Major Sower proud.


I only have a few minutes before our live-fire exercise begins. Yesterday was so much....dare I say fun? I think I did okay as a Gunny. When Captain Koonan told me that there was no tomorrow, I realized that for his men, that was true. And Lance Corporal Sibley did get over the wall. I think I envy the camaraderie these men share. I'm sure it comes from shared combat, and, in a way, it reminds me of how tight the pilots of my former fighter squadron were. I didn't think I would ever be admitted to their inner group until I slugged that guy in the bar. I sure hope the Admiral understands why I was in the brig. Of course, with his background as a SEAL, he probably will.

Now where are Mac and Bud? I really need to talk to her about what I found out.


It was a shame to see Captain Koonan retire. He was in a tough dilemma. I understood why he would place "problems" in his exercises. In real life, when his men went out on a mission, that would be more normal than a mission that went off without hitches. He truly was preparing them for real missions. On the other hand, as I was almost a victim of one of his "problems," I do think he needed to modify his approach a little bit. Mac was right; if soldiers die during training, they cannot fight the war for us. Captain Koonan's words have stuck with me - "I think it's wrong for the country. But time will tell." He was a good man and the Corps will miss him.

I am going to miss Gunnery Sergeant Post. It was enjoyable playing him. And I think Mac got a kick out of it - making me salute her and all. I am sure I have not heard the end of her teasing about switching sides. I'll never admit it to her, but being a Marine for a few days wasn't so bad. I rather liked it.


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