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In Their Own Words - Full Engagement

Harm    Mac    Bud

Lieutenant (j.g.) Bud Roberts

By Jo (jhuppcla@knox.net)

It's not like Commander Rabb to forget an appointment, though I kinda wonder who Seaman Munos talked to, because it wasn't me. I hope he and Major MacKenzie are okay. I've been paging him all day. Despite what the owner of the airfield thinks, I know the Commander and the Major aren't like that, but I don't know where they could have gone. No crash has been reported, but the FAA says they will start searching in the morning if they haven't shown up.

Meanwhile, I don't know what to do with Mr. Munos. Since I took charge of him, I can't leave him anywhere.


Major MacKenzie was shot! She's okay and won't even need crutches, but I'm sure it hurt. Commander Rabb says they had a broken fuel line and had to do an emergency landing yesterday. They ran into some poachers who might have killed a Game Warden. I'm glad we've never had an adventure like that when the Commander's taken me up.

We got a continuance on the motion to block Seaman Munos' administrative discharge -- because I'm 'not a lawyer.' I got reprimanded for just trying to go to court. But Mr. Munos says that he thinks I'll be a great lawyer someday. I hope so.

AN: Munos, by its pronunciation, should have a tilde (~) over the 'n.


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