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In Their Own Words - The Game of Go

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Lieutenant (j.g.) Bud Roberts

By Becky (becky@carrier.kiev.ua)

I was thrilled when Lt. Commander Rabb told me I'd be a good lawyer one day!

A good start to what seems will be an interesting day. It looks like I'm off to Colombia with the Commander and the Major.

Webb hasn't changed much. Upon first seeing us, he called us "The Three

Musketeers." I just couldn't help myself, so I corrected him and told him that there were actually four Musketeers! I just love to get under his skin. As we were escorted into Ambassador Whitherspoon's office, I really felt like part of the team! Alfredo Rincon even offered me a cigar. I've never tried one before so took one. However, it soon appeared obvious that I really wasn't one of the ones "in charge" as he lit Commander Rabb's cigar and passed me right on by. I guess that means I've still never tried one.

I don't exactly mind being passed over. Maybe that will change one day, when I'm a "real" JAG lawyer.

We interviewed Cordova, the Marine in question of not being able to pull the trigger, and talked some to Estruga. I loved seeing how Estruga selected Rabb over Webb to be the one he negotiates with. You could just see Webb's irritation rise!

I enjoyed helping Major MacKenzie inspect Cordova's weapon. I was amazed watching her handle that weapon. I'd like to know more about her so I asked her if she'd ever had to fire a weapon in anger before. She said that she had one time but didn't go into detail. There's still so much I don't know about her. She tends to keep things to herself, but I admire her and would do anything to assist and help her.

Rabb and MacKenzie are off to meet Silva, the Marine who was captured during the shooting. We don't really know whether he's dead or alive. I was so curious to keep up on their progress. I could have killed Webb when he walked into the communications room and ordered me to stand in the back. But, wait, was that a flash of guilt that passed over his face? I almost thought Webb was going to apologize for being rude to me. But he just couldn't bring himself to do it. I silently chuckled. I think he still holds a grudge against me from when we were trying to capture back the Declaration of Independence.


Oh my God! When I heard the gunshots over the radio, I didn't know what to think! Were Rabb and MacKenzie getting ambushed?! We quickly got in cars to go rescue them. All I could do was stand by and watch as cars and guns flashed in front of us. They took Webb; they just took him. It was like I was frozen in time. It looked like Cordova couldn't get a clean shot at Webb's captors, but I just couldn't see well enough from where I was standing to be sure.



They kidnapped Webb and sent photos to the Ambassador. I know this is mean, but I really did find some satisfaction in seeing Webb locked up in that cage. But Commander Rabb is right, we need to do all we can to get Webb back. He's really not the bad guy here.

Later that evening, I thought we had given up and were all going to bed only to find out that the Commander and the Major had figured out there was a leak in the embassy. They are really good at this stuff! I was so honored that they asked me to help find out who it is! When they left, I was responsible for calling the ambassador to inform him and to try to weed out the informer. I was so nervous that I had to practice what I was going to say. I didn't know what I should call myself? Commander Rabb's aide? His assistant? It turned out, it didn't really matter because Ambassador Whitherspoon knew who I was anyway. I did exactly what I was supposed to do! I had no idea being a JAG lawyer would be this exciting! Now we just have to wait.


The operation was a complete success. As we were getting ready to travel back home, Webb actually came up to us and apologized! However, Major MacKenzie wasn't going to let him get off the hook this easy. She told him that he really needed to apologize to Cordova. Cordova, it turned out, was the one who saved Webb's life. I just HAD to watch this so I followed Webb over to Cordova. He couldn't do it! We stood there forever waiting for Webb to apologize to him! And I was going to be there, right by his side, until he did!


Disclaimer: While based on the JAG episode, this is for entertainment purposes only and no profit is being made.