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In Their Own Words - Game of Go

Harm    Mac    Clay    AJ    Bud

Major Sarah MacKenzie

By Lisa (LAB7417@aol.com)

Today has gotten off to a bad start already, not only was I stuck in traffic and late getting in to a meeting with the admiral but upon entering I discovered that Harm had told the admiral that I was stuck in the Brokaw court martial. This was a bad mistake since I had already given the admiral the final filings on this matter. The admiral seems to be tense and this situation only seems to be adding to it.

Discovering that we were assigned to Clayton Webb did not brighten the situation but I didn't have to voice my distaste. Commander Rabb beat me to it. He made a good point that Clay will not be interested in recovering the Marine. I feel very strongly about this issue and I hope to persuade the Admiral to allow us to bring the Marine back to his family and back to his country where he belongs. The Admiral, in his own diplomatic fashion said that while this was a diplomatic mission he would consider it a failure if all we returned with was a report. Admiral Chegwidden is a man I am proud to serve under. He is fair-minded, highly ethical, and a good leader. I think that he truly has everyone's best interests and the good of the service at heart.

The flight to Colombia was one of the longest I had ever been on. Harm and Bud chatted away in their usual fashion and for a while I was left on the outside but like it or not Harm was determined to draw me into the conversation. It was one of the best flights I had ever been on, even though I'll admit that I had butterflies in my stomach as we landed in Colombia. I wasn't quite sure what to expect and though my marine training gave me the confidence that I could be ready for and handle anything, the butterflies in my stomach were still there. We were driven straight to the embassy and greeted quickly by Clayton Webb. Bud got the first counter in to Clay he corrected the aid to the Secretary of State on how many musketeers there were. Clayton did not look amused. He soon informed us that he wanted us to prosecute Corporal Cordova for having a jammed weapon. Sometimes I can't believe the nerve of that man.

He jumped in with a quick clip about not involving the marines and his ass hanging over a chasm. He begged me not to have offense to which I threw the second punch about hanging asses frequently in my profession. I could wonder what he thinks about me, even if I know what he thinks about marines in general, but since it's really no concern of mine I'll simply try to keep our relationship civil if not cordial.

During a briefing with Ambassador Witherspoon and a drug agent named Alfredo we were informed that an Imbara Indian was being bribed to inform them with information on Carlos Estruga, the drug lord they had been trying to raid. The Indian claimed that one of the Recon Marines had called out. I find that hard to believe and said so myself, Clay was ready to jump in opposition. I simply don't believe that a marine trained so fiercely would do something like that. This case is proving odd already.

Next we were escorted by Webb to speak with a couple of the marines from the recon unit. Corporal Cordova explained that he had a jammed weapon and could not fire to save Sergeant Silva. As soon as we were in the hall Webb practically ordered us to charge the Marines. He was claiming that they were sorry excuses for Marines. I could feel my blood boiling and I heard myself asking Webb if he had ever been in combat before I could stop myself. He returned by saying that he had been in the Gulf war. However, he wouldn't tell us what he had been doing exactly. It was classified was all we were told. I felt compelled to remind him that we also needed to bring home Sergeant Silva's body and again he refused me. All we were supposed to be doing, he said, was charging Corporal Cordova. I already cannot get away from Webb fast enough. I don't care if he is the aid to the under Secretary of State or whatever, I cannot take much more of his bad attitude towards the corps.

We were taken back to the ambassador where we were informed that there had been a new development. Alfredo had received a message from his Imbara that Sergeant Silva was alive, talking and being held by Carlos Estruga. This case already has many twists and turns. We went to examine the photos that we had. They were carrying him so he must be alive. Harm disagreed as though warning me not to get my hopes up. I sometimes wonder if he's looking out for me in his own way or if he's simply not an optimist. We zoomed in on the shoulder tags and I was very surprised to hear Webb asking what they were. Apparently he wasn't as high up in clearance during the Gulf War as he is now. It all came down to same thing the American government doesn't negotiate with drug lords and the Marine Corps does not leave one of their own behind. It seems Clay and I are destined to be at a stand off.

Carlos Estruga had finesse from the moment we got on the phone with him. Clayton Webb was ousted from power when Harm was familiar with the Game of Go and Estruga seemed to take a liking to him. He told us that Sergeant Silva was badly injured but he would live. I want to see him returned to his country and his family, quickly so that he can receive the proper treatment, I know that is not what Webb has in mind.

Carlos Estruga and Commander Rabb finally negotiated to meet at 5 p.m. on a plantation. I am worried about this. We were ordered to go unarmed as part of the agreement and I wonder if perhaps we will be walking into a trap.

To do some investigating on my own Bud and I went to the ammunitions room. The recon marines used AK-47's and Chinese ammunition neither of which could be traced back to the US. I took apart the gun and examined it and then to Bud's horror I fired it. Nothing that I was looking for came up, no stuck pin or anything.

We saw pictures of a man that came from one of the Imbaras. Harm asked me if I would like a dinner of grilled goat, if I would go with him. I'm his partner, my place is at his side, of course I was going. Besides I owed it to the Corps to do right by this Marine.

When I joined up with Harm I told him about Corporal Cordova's gun. I pleaded on his behalf, told Harm that I had faith in him. The air between us was tight, tense. He told me that he was on my side--that he hadn't spoken against Cordova. I wanted him on my side. I tried to calm down and concentrate on what was ahead of us.

Webb could not stay off the radio on the way there and it further emphasized my belief that I would not like to be depending on him as one of my team members in combat. When we arrived and exited the car I was careful to watch Harm's six. He seems to just race in without carefully examining the mousetrap he may be walking into. We took the bait perfectly and instead of Carlos Estruga we found a dead marine. In the meantime Webb was captured. I hate to say it but I was rather amused. I thought it was somewhat fitting. Of course now it means that we shall have to rescue him.

Bud and Harm had some laughs over the pictures of a trapped Webb. We performed another ARL flight over the villa. This prompted Estruga to call and demand the trade of his brother for Webb. We were told to catch some sleep and then Harm announced my suspicions. He was having the same suspicions as I was. There's a leak in the embassy. Now the problem is to discover who it is and fast. Whoever it was told Carlos Estruga Sergeant Silva's name and rank since he was dead and had no ID. So therefore Carlos Estruga is one step ahead of us and shall continue to have the advantage until Harm and I can figure out who the leak is and who we can trust.

I wanted Corporal Cordova to come with me on this plan that Harm had hatched to get Webb back. So I went to his room to ask him. He took me by surprise when he greeted me with a 'very nice Major'. I sometimes wonder if he even notices that I'm a woman under this uniform. On the other hand I don't want people to notice that I'm a female Marine and not a male if it means that they will doubt me. Harm doesn't seem to have that problem. I found myself replying to his comment with 'you too. I always was a sucker for dress whites' and I am. He looked stunning in his as I looked him over from head to toe. He was better than any movie star in military uniform. He looked a perfect naval aviator. Those gold wings 'well you know what they say about dress whites and gold wings' he spoke in perfect timing with the wandering of my mind. I had to change the subject while I could still breathe and before he could hear the quickened beat of my heart. I asked him if Cordova could go and he refused at first but after some pleading he finally gave in. I was so thrilled I wrapped my hands around his neck and my lips were coming closer to his. The surprising thing was the look in his eyes, the look that welcomed my lips. I stopped, I froze and a part of me was disappointed. Then before anything could be said I quickly pulled my thumbs from his jaw, my hands from his neck and with a 'thank-you' I was gone.

When we got out to the car Corporal Cordova told Harm he wouldn't let him down. I took the opportunity to clear the air. I also had to bring Harm's ego back down by telling him that dress whites and gold wings were overrated. We were headed off to do battle and I hoped this was not goodbye. He looked so very, dare I say handsome, in his dress whites. If I was a sucker for them before on Harm they were truly magnificent. I watched him leave and then it was back to business. As we neared the point where we were to position ourselves the car lurched to a halt. We were out of gas. The incompetence angered me such that my leadership techniques kicked in and we took off at double time to make up for the inconvenience.

We arrived just in time to catch Harm jumping from a helicopter. Cordova successfully shot the guards surrounding Webb. Estruga and Alfredo are nowhere to be found. Harm's first comment was, 'aren't you a little late' 30 or 35 seconds was all but at least I knew he was okay. Now we just needed to keep Webb safe and get Alfredo and Estruga. We successfully captured them not far away amongst the sugarcane. Harm gave me one of his incredible flyboy grins and that somehow seemed to add to the accomplishment.

Back at the embassy, Webb told us that the Secretary of State had called to congratulate him. Then he actually apologized! It was rather laughable to watch his humbling attempt at an apology. Suddenly I had the nerve and I told him that he didn't need to apologize us he needed to apologize to Corporal Cordova. He couldn't do it! I told Harm as much. He was once again fascinated by my uncanny internal clock. I told him it was a marine thing and I was rewarded by that wonderful flyboy smile. If dress whites and gold wings cease to affect me I don't think I could never resist that smile. It's infectious. I was just thankful that everything turned out all right and the mission was a success.


Disclaimer: While based on the JAG episode, this is for entertainment purposes only and no profit is being made.