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In Their Own Words The Game of Go

Harm    Mac    Clay    AJ    Bud

Special Assistant to the Under Secretary of State Clayton Webb

By Jo (jhuppcla@knox.net)

Im going to hang Corporal Cordova! I thought Marines were trained to fight, especially Force Recon marines; but instead of shooting, he called out, giving away his teams position. Now Estruga has a Marines body a powerful bargaining tool, if he can prove who it is. Good thing I planned ahead for that contingency.

Im still having Cordovas ass for botching the mission; even if it means having a JAG team around for a few days, his military career ends now.


I should have known that Admiral Chegwidden would send Rabb, MacKenzie and Roberts. It might have been okay if it was just Rabb and Roberts, but MacKenzies a marine, and with the news that Sergeant Silva's still alive shes like a damned pit bull.

If anyone should go meet with Estruga, its me. This is my operation. But Estruga wants Rabb (of course) and Im not welcome. What the hell makes him think I don't know what the game of Go is, anyway?


God, is it good to be able to sleep in a bed again! My suit will never be the same after spending the night in that cage. Rabb and MacKenzie are useful at times, such as when hare-brained rescues are required. I was even glad to see Cordova.


Back in the US, thank God. No more Marines, no more jungles . . . I still cant believe MacKenzie actually made me apologize to Cordova. And Roberts stood watching over my shoulder. Im never working with them again!


Disclaimer: While based on the JAG episode, this is for entertainment purposes only and no profit is being made.