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In Their Own Words - Ghost Ship

Harm    Mac    Bud    Harriet    Mark Falcon

Lieutenant (j.g.) Bud Roberts

By Anne (annetaul@home.com)

When the admiral first told us about the body found in the hull of the USS Hornet, lights went off in my mind. All kinds of stories came flooding back about sailors killed in accidents who had been entombed in their ships and haunted the passages and compartments. I probably shouldnt have mentioned it in the briefing, but I couldnt help it. Admiral Chegwidden didnt seem amused. I guess hes just one of those people who doesnt believe in stuff like that. I do, though. Actually, I dont think all ships are haunted or anything, but some strange things do go on.

Having a case in San Francisco was very exciting. I immediately thought about all the great things that you can do there. I think Major MacKenzie was happy, too, so I was disappointed when Commander Rabb said that I wouldnt be going. Oh, well, I know that the research on this one is very important, what with the death occurring 30 years ago and all. Im actually honored that Commander Rabb trusts me to handle this crucial task.

Its going to be a long weekend, though, doing all this research. The Naval Archive is a huge place! Im glad Harriet wasnt mad when I had to break our date. Shes so great, and shes even going to help me with the research. Since I have to be here anyway, its a good chance for us to spend some time together.

I couldnt have been more embarrassed when the archivist, Millie, called me Buddy and Harriet thought I was seeing her or something. Millies a nice enough girl and all I just never really thought of her that way. I mean, I only ever see her when I go to do research. Besides, Harriet is special. I really want this to work out with her. Theres nobody else Id rather be with. I hope she knows that.

While I was working late at the office, Mr. Webb brought me dinner an El Nino pizza (my favorite). I kind of wonder why he really did that hes so hard to figure out sometimes. He had information for Commander Rabb about the Vietnamese spy who had been aboard the Hornet when the murder was committed. It was strange, but a lot of strange stuff seems to have happened in Vietnam.

Later, when I couldnt get hold of Commander Rabb, I told Major MacKenzie about the spys plane being hijacked while he was carrying information about American POWs in Vietnam being taken to Russia. Apparently the CIA has been aware of this for years but hasnt been able to verify it. Mr. Webb would never have told us now, except that the KGB is following Commander Rabb and Major MacKenzies investigation. It sounded awfully dangerous. With Mr. Webbs information, the Commander and the Major were able to figure out what mustve happened and that the list was still on the Hornet. They even found it.

Thats when the strangest thing of all happened, according to Major MacKenzie. Commander Rabb found his fathers name listed in the book. Hes been looking for his dad since he was a little boy. Unfortunately, they lost the book when the homicide detective they were working with turned out to be a KGB agent and stole it away. Isn't that too weird! Now that he finally has a clue about what happened to his father, I wonder if Commander Rabb will ever find out where his father really is.


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Disclaimer: While based on the JAG episode, this is for entertainment purposes only and no profit is being made.