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In Their Own Words - Ghosts

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Lieutenant (j.g). Bud Roberts

By Kimberly Knipp (MCK8686@aol.com)

This day started out normal enough. We worked on a case involving a prank that killed the mascot of the Naval Academy. Commander Rabb thought the Major and I weren't taking things seriously enough. I'm sorry, but I just had to laugh. The way Commander Rabb was acting, you'd think they killed the President! On a serious note, though, someone tried to kill Admiral Chegwidden! There was a booby trap training mine on his running trail. And, get this one of the men from his old SEAL unit was killed. The Admiral is acting really funny. I think he might know who did it but he isn't telling anyone and he doesn't seem to want anyone involved in the case.


Commander Rabb said Judge Delaney (that's the Admiral's girlfriend) came to see him because she wants to know what's going on and the Admiral won't tell her. I guess it's that SEaL thing. Commander Rabb told us the Admiral is acting strange and he thinks something is going on. And, get this - Captain Osbourne came to see the Admiral! Remember him? He tried to kill Corporal Magida when we were held hostage in the Admiral's office. This whole thing is weird. I know Commander Rabb will find out what's going on. He's persistent about things like that even though the Admiral told him to stay out of it. Maybe I'll get to help.


I got my wish about helping with the Admiral's case but I wish now I hadn't. Someone tried to kill the Admiral at his house this time and killed Judge Delaney instead. The Admiral isn't talking to anyone. Commander Rabb is determined to find out what's going on. He doesn't like Captain Osbourne and I know he thinks it means trouble that he's here.

I had to exhume the goat's body and it turns out he died of natural causes. I know that will be a relief to everyone. I guess I never dreamed I'd have to worry about a prank killing a mascot when I decided to become a lawyer. Guess I need to work on keeping my feelings hidden 'cause Commander Rabb wasn't too happy about me laughing over it.


Commander Rabb and I went to the Graves Registration office today to check for information on Chief Holford. I was a little surprised when the Commander asked that his Dad's name be looked up. There weren't any matches in the system. I haven't worked with Commander Rabb for a long, long time but I have heard the history of his Dad. The military is a network like anything else and people know other people. I know Captain Boone flew with Harm's Dad. He hid it well but I could see how disappointed he was that the computer didn't find anything. Do you think maybe that's something the Commander and I have in common? Well, I guess not. He didn't have his Dad and his stepfather wasn't abusive. I've never told anyone that. It's not something I'm proud of and I don't want Commander Rabb and Major MacKenzie to know. I think my Dad just wanted Mikey and I to be more like him. And he's disappointed that we aren't.

But I'm babbling on now. back to the case. Major MacKenzie figured out how Captain Osbourne was involved and then everything happened so fast, I almost lost track. Commander Rabb stopped Admiral Chegwidden from going after Osbourne (or so we thought) but then the Admiral resigned without telling anyone! He just let the letter on his desk where Commander Rabb found it. This is totally a side of the Admiral I never expected to see. He is always so concerned about us doing things properly, and then he just up and quit! But Commander Rabb and Major MacKenzie are so smart. They got to Agent Webb and helped the Admiral set up Captain Osbourne. We got it all on tape and Agent Webb said it was enough for a sweeper. Yikes! I don't think I'd want anything to do with being an agent. Captain Osbourne started admitting to everything when he realized he was standing on a land mine. I guess men lose all their bravado in the face of fear - at least some men. I can't imagine Commander Rabb or Admiral Chegwidden ever being that way. I know the Admiral has a way to go before he gets over Judge Delaney's death but at least we figured out who did it and the Admiral didn't get hurt.


Disclaimer: While based on the JAG episode, this is for entertainment purposes only and no profit is being made.