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In Their Own Words - Ghosts

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Lieutenant Commander Harmon Rabb

By Kimberly Knipp (MCK8686@aol.com)

It's funny how well you think you know someone only to find out there's parts you don't know at all. Someone tried to kill the Admiral a few days ago on his running trail. At the time it seemed odd because I've never known the Admiral to be a target. He refused to let me help him but I couldn't just stand aside and let it happen. Judge Delaney asked me to keep her informed because the Admiral wouldn't involve her. He wanted to keep it a secret to protect her. This all happened so quickly - Captain Osbourne showed up and then I knew something was wrong. The Admiral keeps insisting the little Buddha left at the scenes is the calling card of a man from his SEAL unit - Holford, a man that is supposed to be dead. I found a picture in the Admiral's garbage after he left if the Buddha statue. He tore it in half so there's something about it he doesn't want to deal with. Or maybe it's just that he knows who left it with the body and the booby trap.


Someone rigged another bomb at the Admiral's house and killed Judge Delaney. I've never seen the Admiral this way before. He's so distant - he doesn't let anyone close enough to even try to help. I feel powerless to help him but I have to do something. I know he'll go after whoever did this until he gets him - at any cost. The guilt of losing Judge Delaney is eating away at him. I recognize the signs because I've felt that way myself. Mac and I went to see Webb (which cost me $500 for Mother's lunch with Boris Yeltsin) and we also went to CIA Headquarters.


The Admiral knew Holford was dead - shot right through the heart by a pistol. He didn't believe it was the VC, though - he thought it was someone in his own unit and he didn't report it. Revenge but it wouldn't be about revenge. Bud and I went to Graves Registration to look at the things sent back from 'Nam. This case has brought back memories of my Dad. I asked him to check the computer to see if anything had come in on my Dad and it came up with no matches. A part of me knew there wouldn't be anything but I guess another part of me prayed there would be. That it would be as simple as checking and it would magically appear. Maybe I'll never find him but I can't give up hope either. He has to be out there somewhere and one day I will get the information. I believe that. But I'm getting off track.

While Bud and I were at Graves, Mac went to the FBI labs. She was the one who found the link between the booby trap and the CIA and the Admiral knew who it was. I begged him to let me get Osbourne in court. He said there was no way I could do it.


This is one situation I don't ever want to go through again. Admiral Chegwidden resigned today. Told me to try out his chair, left the office and left his letter right on the desktop where I could see it. I knew he was going after Osbourne. It didn't take much for Mac and I to figure out the rest. We found the bug Osbourne planted in the Admiral's office. I have to admit that I wasn't sure what the Admiral was going to do. He was in such an emotional state that I thought he just might kill Osbourne. He planned it all out and Osbourne begged like the rat he is. He was singing his confession when he stepped on the Admiral's trap. And it was all about revenge. Admiral Chegwidden was right. It was Osbourne's revenge, though not Holford's. Revenge for the Magida case. The Admiral got Osbourne, but right to the end he had me worried. His face gave nothing away and when he stopped me from going to get Osbourne I had to question the training mine he said he used. There was a split second where I thought he might have set a real mine. I guess I should never have doubted him.


Disclaimer: While based on the JAG episode, this is for entertainment purposes only and no profit is being made.