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In Their Own Words - Ghosts

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Major Sarah MacKenzie

By Jo (whrosegarden@netexpressway.com)

Vietnam was a very dirty war, something that I don't always remember. It's difficult to conceive of a man who would eviscerate his enemies as one of the 'good guys.' Although it was reported that Jack Holford died in Vietnam, 'Goliath' says he wouldn't be the first veteran to see his name on the Wall. The idea that he might have returned and is after Admiral Chegwidden, for whatever reason . . . it's a sinister thought.

On a lighter note, I have to laugh at Harm. His reaction to Midshipman Danvers was over the top. I'm don't mean to disparage his alma mater, but Billy is a *goat!* The idea of a midshipman giving mouth-to-mouth to a goat, whether it was the Annapolis mascot or not, is hilarious. And Harm's serious attitude just makes it more so. What I wouldn't give to see some of the stunts he must have pulled when he was at the Academy.


Osborne is not someone I had a desire to ever see again, but somehow he's involved with Holford and the Admiral. He didn't give us anything other than a sense that he knew more than he was saying.

I admire Judge Delaney's fortitude and tenacity with regards to her relationship with the Admiral. He's a very private person; I wouldn't have known he was in a relationship with Judge Delaney except that Bud brought in those flowers from her during the briefing before Harm and I flew to Ireland.

I couldn't help but think of Harm -- we've become friends, but he's very private as well. He talks about his father at times and I don't have to wonder if these questions about Holford aren't stirring up hopes that his father might still be alive. Someday, I'd like to know the Harmon Rabb, Jr. beyond the Tomcat pilot, JAG lawyer and the ghost of his father.

Bud actually had the goat exhumed for an autopsy -- turns out he died of natural causes, a heart attack and old age, rather than toxic shock. He'll make a good lawyer someday.


Judge Delaney is dead. Holford is dead. Only Holford died 30 years ago and Judge Delaney died less than 30 hours ago. The trigger on the mine that killed Judge DeLaney was CIA issue, meaning that it was probably set by Osborne. I just hope the Admiral meant it when he said he couldn't kill Osborne.


Success! The Admiral's plan to set Osborne up worked perfectly. We have Osborne's confession on tape and Webb will make sure it is heard by the appropriate ears. The excitement of the last few days is over and maybe we can get back to business as usual. Though perhaps this was 'business as usual,' just a touch closer to home.


Disclaimer: While based on the JAG episode, this is for entertainment purposes only and no profit is being made.