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In Their Own Words - Ghosts

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Special Assistant to the Undersecretary of State Clayton Webb

By Kimberly Knipp (MCK8686@aol.com)

Somehow I knew Osbourne would turn up again after the Magida case, despite the fact that we relived him of all his duties. However, I didn't even consider him as being behind this mess with Admiral Chegwidden. If I had only known before it was too late, I would have done anything to help. Maybe it would have kept Judge Delaney from getting killed. When Harm and Mac came to see me at Mother's luncheon, the question about the Buddha both was and was not a surprise. Harm had a picture of it that he found ripped up in Admiral Chegwidden's trash. They came to me originally wanting to know about the land mine on the Admiral's running track. It was a training mine used to train replacement SEALs for 'Nam. I really didn't want to give them any information but I can never seem to get around Rabb. He offered to pay for Mother's lunch (I don't think he knew it was $500). Osbourne was the section leader for the SEAL team during Operation Phoenix.

A.J.'s plan to catch Osbourne in his trap was ingenious. Right up until the last minute, none of us were sure whether or not he would kill Osbourne. I wouldn't have blamed him had I been in his shoes. He was pretty serious about Laura Delaney. However, the tape we got of him spilling his guts was more than enough to put a sweeper on him. Once our people get a hold of him, he will no longer be a threat to Admiral Chegwidden or anyone else.


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